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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have just joined this forum as I have bought a Corolla two weeks ago. I thought it might be a good idea to share thoughts and experience with other Corolla owners. i have to say, I'm most impressed with the performance, I;ve had two Corsa 1.8 SRI's before this car, so I'm no stranger to cars with a bit of oomph and this Corolla certainly has bucket loads of that.
  2. Hi guys, I'm the owner of a 2003 Corolla 1.6 E12 3zz Fe. Had it 5 years now - really good car, very happy with it. We're based in Spain, so its a LHD, Just joined as i recently got a p0505 error -which is probably idle air controller. I'll have to take a look at the weekend. So I'll research it here first. Also will probably need a clutch soon as well - so I'll be reading up on that as well. Looking forward to interacting and hopefully of being of some help if I can. all the best, Ken
  3. Hey everyone, My name is Dean, from Milton Keynes and have been driving for 3 years Got my hands on one of these t-sports things, heard there meant to be good. Matter in fact it happens to be the Red T-sport previously owned by KPARRIS-JONES. Here she is in her former glory But she was left for many months and this is how she sits now BUT... I've been busy I look forward to being a part of the club Dean
  4. Hi guys! Am new to this forum, have pointed in this direction after posting on Toyota Owners Club! Hopefully there are some more helpful people on here! Adam
  5. Hello guys my name is Josh and is 17 Just got my 2002 Toyota Corolla T-Sport and loving it. Yes its my first car and probably the fastest first car ever? I live in Taunton Somerset - Currently very wet down here Would love to get to know everyone and to get into the community! Cheers - Josh
  6. Hi Everyone, T Sport newbie from Birmingham here - Bought the Facelift Model a few weeks back an absolutely love it!!! I'm looking to add a few Modifications, anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Somebody I know advised me to have racing cams, anybody know how much about this costs/what other additions I would need to make? - Last thing I want to do is f it up lol Many thanks
  7. Hey I bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla T Sport (Facelift). I've had the car for about a week now and I already love it! My previous car was a 2001 Gen 7 Toyota Celica VVTi (Pre-Facelift) which is pretty similar to a Corolla T Sport. I've been a huge Celica fan since the Gen 7 came out and since owning one I've become totally obsessed with Toyotas I'm 21 and from Derbyshire. Here is a picture of my ride:
  8. Hello everyone. Thought I'd introduce myself on here as its the first time I've joined an owners forum and this is the first toyota I have ever owned. Having suffered many years of poor reliability from the Italians ( a fiat, not a Ferrari) and subsequently from the French ( renault megane 2...don't ask, hopefully I've learnt now.) I decided to turn to the Japanese. Today (12/01/13) I purchased a 2003 toyota corolla 1.8 vvtli t sport in blue. Im sure during my course of my ownership, I shall be picking the brains of the many experts on here, so any guidance about my vehicle would be greatly appreciated. Regards to you all Jimbo
  9. Hello All Rolla owners!! Sorry i have posted and not introduced myself to all. Recently became the proud owner of a Black 03 Rolla T-Sport as in my profile pic. Names Dai and from P-Town near Bridgend As others have said, anyone around South Wales looking to meet up any time soon?