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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, newbie here - hope you can help. I want to list my Toyota Corolla VVTI GS for sale. It was registered in 2000 and I've driven it since 2007, clocking up 162,000 miles. It's only had two owners, drives like a dream and steadfastly refuses to die - it's bulletproof! But after 12 years, I've decided to treat myself to a new motor and sell my old boy. Both the tax and MoT have expired, but I don't think it would take much to get it through a test - maybe a tyre or two and definitely some new windscreen wipers. It's mechanically sound, starts first time every time and is a joy to drive. It has a few bumps and scrapes, as you'd expect from a car its age, but nothing too major. Thing is, I have absolutely no idea what it's worth or where to list it for sale - so I wondered if you might be able to help. I know I won't make a fortune, but it would be nice to sell it to someone who would continue to drive it, as it's nowhere near ready for the scrapyard yet! Thanks in advance, Andie
  2. Hi, not sure if it has been done before but has anyone put a 1.8 T-sport Corolla engine (2ZZ-GE) into a 2004 Corolla 1.4 saloon? I know it is meant to be straight forward enough to swap the 1.8 into the hatchback 1.4's. If anyone has done this swap, is it straight forward? What exactly do you need to change? Engine, loom, mounts, fuel pump, ecu, shafts? Will all fit without modification?
  3. tsport

    Does anyone know what size aftermarket air filter I will need to put on a standard tsport?
  4. Hi Corolla owners . Sadly, I'm an old Corsa owner. Yes, thats terrible . I'm thinking to buy either a Honda Civic, or Toyota Corolla. But I like Corolla's design. More or less decent Corolla today costs around 2-3k pounds. And not that many of them on sale. I'm talking particularly about model 1.4 diesel. I found only 33 of them in autotrader. Don't want to buy 2.0 diesel because read in Internet that they are noisy. I don't know about petrol engines. Only thing I know is that they consume 1 litre of oil for every 600 miles, after 40k on clock. So, I'm quite confused which engine to choose. I'm driving about 4-5k miles a year. Also, what is important - reliability. Which engines are more reliable? One good thing about my Corsa is that a lot of repairs I can do myself. Is there anything like that with Corollas? Any advises, warnings, no-nos, look-fors are more than welcome Thank you.
  5. Hello all, I sat in a car that has the following: 60bhp more than mine sensible(ish) diesel economy. Sat nav cruise control leather/alcantara interior 6disc/mp3 stereo/dvd at rear Loads of interior and luggage space Privacy glass full service history half the mileage (less than 60k) Same colour and age 56plate. I would add some 18's Inside was a nice place to be. It would have only cost a few hundred plus rolla trade in. BUT I couldn't do it. I got out and my heart just sank at the bland looks and the fact its so popular as taxis. On paper its a sensible move to the avensis but I actually felt ill at the thought of swapping. despite knowing I can still tinker and practice on my old e11, that still didn't help. Whats your 'decent on paper but no smile car'?
  6. First up, major apologies if I posted in the wrong section, could only see a 'Parts Wanted' section. My names Billy and I come from UK Starlet Owners. Having owned two n/a starlets, a black SR and a pink sportif in my time, i'm finally looking to take the next step up. I was debating a GT Turbo/Glanza, but with being at uni, running costs and the effort involved with having to do a compression test etc whilst searching for one has put me off. So after debation i've settled on an E11 VVTI SR, due to the six speed box and timing chain driven engine. I've been searching for around a month now and they all either have too high mileage for cheap 120k+ or too little for £1500+. I have a budget of around £1200/£1300, and I know it's a bit of a longshot, but I thought I would try on here. Ideally searching for black or green, but would be content with silver.
  7. Been on a few forums for just Toyota in general so i decided to go straight to Corolla Club instead and ditch the rest!! 98 Corolla SR 1.6 4AFE engine standard Standard interior Custom Exhaust Standard suspension set up Corolla SR by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr Interior by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr TTE BUMPER by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr After market TTE bumper Fibre glass copy :/ IMG_7582 by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr IMG_7591 by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr After Market Alloys Advanti 15" IMG_7636 by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr A Set Of Levin BZR Seats IMG_7638 by Conal 'Knight Hawk" McCluskey, on Flickr Got a G6R Grill and Fogs for the TTE bumper but one of the glass lenses is broken so i need to find a replacement one. Anyone know somewhere i could get some? don't have to be TTE originals? Future Plans TTE spoiler Black body stripes and bumper to be colour coded Better suspension set up On here to get any help with my build for parts etc Learn more about my car Thank You and I hope you like my build
  8. Brand New Corolla, May 24th 2019. Denim Blue, Excel 2.0 Hybrid, JBL system, Panoramic Roof.
  9. I am very close to purchasing a 2003 1.4 VVT-I T3 Corolla with 66,000 miles for my first ever car at 17. My brother had the 2005 1.6 VVT-I T3 and he experienced a lot of engine problems and i've heard a lot of bad engine failures with the VVT-I engines along with a lot of fantastic reviews. I would just like to get peoples opinions on the VVT-I engines and their personal experiences with their corolla and if they have had any issues.
  10. Hello members, My name is Kenny and I've purchased a 2002 Corolla T Sport in red. It's mechanically very sound then only thing really letting it down is the lacquer peel on the roof and a couple of other places (typical red). I will make a post in the right category but it seems my alarm has an issue it keeps going off randomly. It's been good this week but this morning it's clear and sunny and maybe it's the warm weather setting the alarm off ? I've had the car around a month and the alarm only went off a few times, but today it's gone off six times and the people in the street have had enough already ! Apart from that I really like the car the engine is very nice indeed.
  11. From the album Johns Supercharged E11 Corolla

    Corolla outside Haynes Motor Museum
  12. From the album Johns Supercharged E11 Corolla

    Corollas outside Haynes Motor Museum

    © TWJ Payne (ae111sr)

  13. From the album Johns Supercharged E11 Corolla

    Corollas outside Haynes Motor Museum

    © TWJ Payne (ae111sr)

  14. From the album T3

    © MacaT3

  15. Hey I bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla T Sport (Facelift). I've had the car for about a week now and I already love it! My previous car was a 2001 Gen 7 Toyota Celica VVTi (Pre-Facelift) which is pretty similar to a Corolla T Sport. I've been a huge Celica fan since the Gen 7 came out and since owning one I've become totally obsessed with Toyotas I'm 21 and from Derbyshire. Here is a picture of my ride: