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  1. and yeah **** that been offered a rolla with them seat in for 2k lol
  2. bbq i tried to buy yours from sam
  3. nothing jumping out at me mate. all pretty boring hopefully 3rd times going to be a charm
  4. Hi all, As the title really anything about?
  5. oooooo lol i may be able to after Christmas mate? have completly lost 3rd 1st to 2nd syncro aint great either
  6. Hi all, been absent for a bit again! been so busy with work, setting up facebook and getting our website going, and life in general that ive not had chance to get on here properly. not much going on corolla related, shes a bit poorly need a gearbox! amongst other things. shes lasted well....................... if you all could like my works facebook page id really appreciate it! ( yes ive finally gave in to facebook - Ell Parkes) ninja'd my way over to ccuk's page already we will also have an online shop opening in a few weeks and will able to supply pretty much anything automotive related and also a vehicle sales page. to those who have pm'd me, sorry i will get round to replying! and sorting stuff out Cheers all
  7. i have ones like these, been pretty good so far
  8. Just roll it in to two months and we will choose two pics lol
  9. 745 quid though and I think that's each!
  10. Just make a comment.... Go on you know you want to...... Modders never grow up the toys just get more expensive
  11. This is mine, is an old video as it even louder now, this is just induction noise, I'm running the oe exhaust
  12. ive done about 35-40k on the exedy one still loves being abused
  13. clutch depending on what you want is 100 - 250 and labour is around 4 hours some say 6, i can do it on the deck with hand tools in about 4