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  1. Nice I really like those M235i's!
  2. Sorry to hear that about the Subaru. The 330 are heavy yes, but that straight 6 sound is amazing! What BMW you got?
  3. I remember the days when Id post something and refreshing the page within minutes and see a reply to my comment! I posted something yesterday and still no response, not sure if anyones even seen it! lol
  4. If you guys wanna meet Id be up for it too, would be good to catch up and meet some new faces! (even though Im not in a corolla anymore)
  5. haha I just thought Id pull their legs a bit but some of them are so passionate they start pulling off stats lol
  6. http://www.r32oc.com/topic/218545-what-a-time-to-be-alive/?p=2358185#entry2358185
  7. my parents had an old microwave that was older than me and still going!! made by toshiba too!
  8. haha I was busy topping up my indicator fluid
  9. sorry guys completely forgot about this
  10. haha no still got the BMW not looking to change it as I really like it. Not the fastest car Ive had but I find myself wafting around lately lol I hope thats a lie craig!
  11. No I had a Fabia vRS for a while then changed the car again lol yeah sunday should be ok for me too looking forward to it
  12. Is this still going on? If so I may be able to come along albeit with a different car lol
  13. Aidan, if your out there, reading this, please just send someone the username and password and hand over this site to someone who you trust to run it properly and daily.... Ffs my mates been waiting 2 years for his account activation email lol
  14. lol what have I started? btw my membership problem is sorted I think (not tested it yet). I think everytime anyone has a problem, we should start a thread like this LOL it gets results! haha
  15. ok cheers but can someone try and sort this out as I would like to post a few things for sale on here. Was going to post on the FB page but thought Id give everyone on here a chance before posting there. Thanks