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  1. E12CTS is my plate mate and yes It's cool😎 I take it that explains the hip check on it lol
  2. Hi Everyone, So its that time of the year again and the planning for JAE starts again, as most of you are aware we have a new location this year which is to be Newark Showground and the event will be held from the 10th to 13th September 2015. We are keen to build on the success of last year but as always we rely on the members to make it a success. Important Change To Payments For JAE Previous years members have paid the full amount to the club, however due to changes made last year to the way we purchase tickets members are asked to purchase the actual entry ticket direct from the JAE website themselves we will provide the facilities below for the fees shown. Tickets are now issued online or on mobile instead of physical tickets being issued. The prices below are for the purchase of plots, equipment and food (Pricing is shown with and without food) About JAE For those of you who don't know much about the event here is a little bit of information to let you know what it is all about. Its one of the biggest shows for jap cars held in the UK and attracts people from all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. The range and mix of cars found at the event is unbelievable and for most people this is one event that is a must do in the show season. In addition to the cars and clubs that attend there are also plenty of trade stands to suit all tastes and plenty of activities to help you while away the hours. In terms of our attendance we are planning on being there for the whole weekend ensuring that we have a great representation in terms of numbers, quality of facilities and club advertising. This event is being organized with you all in mind and the plan is to give you the best experience possible to ensure you get the most out of your weekend. So, what are we looking at to organize the event? We are going to provide a high grade marquee with power and some tables, we also have a PA system in place and we are planning on acquiring a projector so we can have an Xbox/ Playstation on the go along with the option to play DVD's. After the Saturday evening BBQ we will be holding the club awards and we will also be offering some on the spot prizes through the weekend, also JAE themselves organize various activities like tug-o-war so if we get enough interested we will be entering some of these events. Prices We are going to offer 4 ticket prices for the weekend, this is based around how long you will be at the event and also if you wish to opt in to the catering that we have organized for you, if you wish to have food that will be provided, cooked by the club you will get breakfast on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning along with a BBQ on the Friday and Saturday night. In response to the changes JAE made to the way you can buy tickets we are changing the process slightly, each member will be responsible for purchasing their own tickets via the JAE website which can then be printed off or downloaded onto your mobile, the club will not be buying your entry tickets! The prices below are for the facilities and food only. Entry ticket prices (to be purchased by individual members via JAE Website ( http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php ) Thursday to Sunday: £35 per person Friday/Saturday to Sunday: £30 per person Club attendance fee (You must also purchase and entry ticket direct from JAE): Thursday to Sunday: With food £50 Without food £35 Friday/ Saturday to Sunday: With Food £35 Without food £25 We welcome comments on the above so if you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know and we will look at them for you. Please put your names below if you wish to go, will need to know what days you wish to go on and if you will require food or not. We will require a minimum deposit of £30 by 30th June per person with the balance paid no later than 31st July 2015 Paypal info make sure you put your username, how many people you are paying for including what days you wish to attend and if you require food. paypal address is jae2015@corollaclub.net Please include you name, postal address and forum username with payment marking it for JAE Please add your names below: 1. Dangermooser +1 Paid in Full
  3. Will pay you tomorrow evening Josh
  4. When: 11am 15th November 2014 Where: Oulton Park, Little Budworth, Cheshire https://www.facebook.com/events/1463145833944569/ Be good to get a good turn out from the Corolla Club. Plenty of stuff to do, track time, a few stands and they normally have a burger van to keep you fed Anyone interested?
  5. I bet you bottle your farts Mr-P
  6. Totally agree there Craig
  7. Thank fook for that I will make sure I put one of my free farts in the envelope as well
  8. I think the most important thing is that we get the community together, you might think the name is a bit poo but there is more than one club on the internet that go by CCUK for eaxample Celica club! So CC.Net is instantly recognisable for Corollas. Also we have invested heavily in CC.Net banners and flags etc so it would be a lot of money to flush down the drain. And yes you can have a free sticker lol
  9. Jay how can you say that Aidan would have to give up his rights? That isn't the aim at all the plan is to have 4 members of admin, 2 from cc.net and 2 from ccuk, all major decisions made in a democratic manner, surely this can only be a good thing. We have been discussing this over many weeks months and is not a knee jerk reaction by anyone it is something that is being discussed in depth to ensure we make the best decision for the whole community
  10. Just to clarify some of the points raised: 1. forums, the ccuk platform would be the preferred choice as it is much better than the CC.NET platform, this was going to be addressed over the winter but if the clubs join then we are obviously going to use the best platform (CCUK) 2. Mods/ paid members will not lose out this will be fully integrated to maintain everyones position. 3. CC.NET branding is our preferred choice as the presence off the forums is currently much higher than CCUK. Overall its simply joining the best bits of both clubs under one roof, as Stew said what is potentially bringing us together is what tore us apart! As I said earlier, for those directly involved the one aim is to create the best club online/ real world for all the members
  11. Hi folks, just to add to what Aidan has already said we have been holding talks to find a way to join the 2 clubs as it is more than evident that despite there being 2 clubs its clearly one community. for those involved (Aidan, me, Dan and Stew) the one clear goal is to make the community a lasting one that offers great online visibilty and continues to be a go to place for info and resources for Corolla owners, secondly we want to build on the success of the national and local shows/ meets that many of you enjoy attending. The important thing to bear in mind is that there will be an equal and democratic representation by all admin involved with the sole aim to make this a community and club one of the best car clubs in the UK and Europe. Hopefully members of both clubs will support our efforts during the transitional period and I am sure I can speak for all involved that we will keep you updated with any progress. Thanks Stuart
  12. Deadline for deposits is now the end of May
  13. Evo triangle is awesome
  14. I will be there, shouldn't Ant be banned by now?
  15. I love F1 even though Seb has dominated this year, I think they should keep the cars as they are in terms of different manufacturers as it does create a design battle which has brought so much tech to the roads. If they want to even things out a bit maybe a success ballast like in the BTCC could work???