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  1. It took a new shape yellow one 3 laps to catch me up at Caldwell last year :-)
  2. This is a cool idea for our next meet! Sound off!
  3. Welcome to the club
  4. Me and my brother did it put mine to shame! Motivates me to give mine some serious tlc, good work mate
  5. Some great cars shame about the weather nice to meet some new faces as always! And also good to see too gear filming keep a look out for them on telly folks!
  6. Unfortunately il be setting off I Luke's Friday night so might not get down south till about 9-10
  7. Did I forget to mention I rang Adrian flux and got down to 430 for all my mods and points! Cracking stuff
  8. Mine arrived today :-D
  9. Good pictures there peeps
  10. Lol I know I remember! Just don't de badge yours so you can keep checking lol looking forward to it now few **** days at work then a lonely cruise on Friday night to Luke's
  11. And make sure it's not corrolla club or somthing lol looking forward to it I hope it's sunny! :-)
  12. Welcome mate, my dad has a 140 celica it's real nice driving position but I don't think you will be disappointed with a fl rolla nice interior and a few mods will make it hanle a little better :-)
  13. There we go ^ :-D
  14. I can participate now the winter wheels are off :-D