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  1. Iv seen people saying theres gonna be a version with the r35 skyline engine in it and all running gear, not sure if that's true or what but that would be a rocket lol
  2. i dont think should move everything over to or what ever its called lol alot of post ect on here and good info for people to read, aidans done a god job with clearly alot going on personally ,
  3. Hmm must have discontinued it? Maybe worth emailed Wl and asking and asking them, I have front and rear Wl rollbars but was good few years ago
  4. 4 pots would be enough, but depends if you got them with that disc size
  5. hopefully they just havnt updated , i would be looking at 300 mm or just under for the rear discs and 4 or 6 pots to go with them
  6. Much would it cost for rear brake kit for corolla e12? Already have 330 mm 8 pots for the front, a rear set would finish it off
  7. I need to check this brace won't hit my Turbo soon as I get stuff back from being coated, if it won't hit I'll take one
  8. Welcome
  9. Nice to see you over here Jason hope the build is going well
  10. Yeah mate I stay in dundee, you ever take it to track days like knockhill that's ware mine will be once it's mapped, or even.crail?
  11. You stay near Dundee? Ware bouts.never seen any 3sgte rollas near by
  12. A 300... Nahh need at very least a 400 or high tuned they are heavy being 4wd so it's going to slow it down
  13. Make sure the oil ports in the rocker cover are all clear aswell when you have it off
  14. Hahaha yesss lol gets you tbrew the working dayy apparently she got another account as she no posted for a while lol
  15. If you do who has best engine bay funniest interior, best background ( cars with a cracking sunset in background are awsome), things like that? you could always do 1 month any pic of your car goes?