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  1. I've added the car to Gumtree, so we'll see how we go! Ad is here:
  2. Hi everyone, newbie here - hope you can help. I want to list my Toyota Corolla VVTI GS for sale. It was registered in 2000 and I've driven it since 2007, clocking up 162,000 miles. It's only had two owners, drives like a dream and steadfastly refuses to die - it's bulletproof! But after 12 years, I've decided to treat myself to a new motor and sell my old boy. Both the tax and MoT have expired, but I don't think it would take much to get it through a test - maybe a tyre or two and definitely some new windscreen wipers. It's mechanically sound, starts first time every time and is a joy to drive. It has a few bumps and scrapes, as you'd expect from a car its age, but nothing too major. Thing is, I have absolutely no idea what it's worth or where to list it for sale - so I wondered if you might be able to help. I know I won't make a fortune, but it would be nice to sell it to someone who would continue to drive it, as it's nowhere near ready for the scrapyard yet! Thanks in advance, Andie