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  1. Hi Everyone. Site is now back up, upgraded to the latest version and *hopefully* working properly for everyone. As most of you know, the site basically dropped off the face of the earth, due to issues with the forum software, database - and me not having time to sort it out. Let me know if theres any issues. The site is updated and back up mainly to keep the old content online, rather than make it a busy forum again - forums in general are in decline as Facebook takes over, unfortunately. Thanks - Aidan
  2. Has been delayed until the 15th!
  3. Hello people! I'm scheduling the site to be down 7 days, commencing 1st November. For those curious, the site has been with a specific web host since its creation in 2007. This host is unreliable and expensive. There is A LOT of "tangled wires" left over the years which needs dealing with. We'll be moving the site to another host, which typically causes a shed load of issues at the same time, so 7 days is listed but it could be as short as 2 days. ​
  4. As messaged, I did send a second one out. I've sent you a PM, I can try a third time or refund you, let me know.
  5. Glad you guys like it, as mentioned, its a good idea to have the linkage held above when fitting, as its a tight fit and is hard to get back on top!
  6. I'll get another sent out to you, the Royal Fail must have lost them!
  7. Hey Everyone Could everyone who is missing purchases or having issues please PM me directly, for the issues to be dealt with. Cheers!
  8. Just caught this Craig - Didn't realize this and was planning to do the POTM calendar either way
  9. Just to let everyone know, merging sites is a lengthy process with something of this size, so please be patient!
  10. When you buy membership PayPal automatically renews the membership annually. If you want I can refund you.
  11. Because we're taking our time and getting a plan sorted to ensure everything goes smoothly - nothing's confirmed for now but it will be! Surely that's the same for CCNET? I don't think of Corsas from either name!
  12. I've just come back to this and was blown away by the amount of comments. It's good to see some support and positive comments for once, although I see people bashing me and critisizing me as usual - Not realizing what it's actually like to run a forum, the costs involved, the logistics of organizing shows all over the UK, etc. People seem to be giving me advice about the EXACT THING this post is about? "It's about time you stepped down" - Didn't anyone read the post? If I do **** all, I get critisized. When I've put effort in, I get critisized. If I recognise my wrongs and post about it publically, I get critisized. I thought I was trying to be open, honest and clear with this post, rather than just pretending all is well. I think it's silly to suggest the club that's over 7 years old is closed and replaced with one which is less than a year. I agree the branding of CCUK is very stale (7 years old funnily enough) - This can be changed - We need to discuss it. EDIT: Also, no it's not getting merged with YCUK ever - YCUK is massive compared to here and is a completely different demographic - it would be evil to merge them!
  13. Hello everyone, This is a post just to write about what's going on behind the scenes of CCUK. I took over Chris's ownership of CCUK 3 years ago, in 2011. I'd just got a Toyota Yaris T-Sport and loved it - and was at College studying IT and Business, and running websites/forums was ideal for me. Since then I have tried to add to the site, get the merchandise flowing as CCUK had basically nothing when I took over. Stuart Alfie, Stewart Reid, Luke/James Carley, Tom Prince, Dan Buckingham and many others have put a lot of time, effort and money into the site during that time. As many of you know, Stuart and Dan set up Corolla 6 months to a year ago, with a little bit of drama involved, mainly down to me being absent and a bit over-protective. Fast forward to the last year - I graduated university, became a manager at work, then decided I wasn't enjoying the work at all, so 4 months ago I found a new job 50 miles away. This meant a 1hr - 1.5hr journey every morning in my Corolla - drinking £20 of fuel EVERY DAY. This strained my low income, time, energy and motivation. I then moved house with my partner which strained my money even further, having to buy furniture and pay full bills like a grown up - with no internet for a solid month and a half. The forums have suffered over the last 6 months and need some energy putting into them - and I apologise for this - and it means a lot of you have probably got very pissed off with me about it! However, we're looking at bonding the 2 halves of UK/Worldwide Corollas back together and i'm in talks with Stuart about this - with me keeping a role but not one which halts the progress for others. This may seem like a sob story - it's not, I thought I owed it to you all to explain the lack of anything going on with CCUK. Any suggestions - blast away, i'd love to hear them. Cheers, - Aidan
  14. Hi all, sorry for the late organsing. JapShow Finale 2014 - Sunday 12th October With RWYB on Saturday 11th October As the season closer Jap Show Finale is your last chance to get your car out there before winter draws in. We have something for everyone with the country's quickest cars competing in the Jap & FWD Drag Series, Show Paddock, public Run What Ya Brung open to everyone including bikes, Trade area, Show & Shine, Club displays ,Drifting, Jet Car, FMX, Podkhana and more! So leave those winter wheels off for the weekend and hit the strip at Santa Pod. Can we get a stand together for japshow finale this year? When: Sunday 12th october Where: Santa Pod Raceway Airfield Road Podington Wellingborough Northants NN29 7XA England Cost: Weekend Ticket: £22 Sunday Only: £14 Deadline: Tuesday 23rd september. Buy your tickets from our online store: so whos up for this