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    2003 1.4 VVT-I T3
  1. I'm very close to purchasing the same model, grey with 66k Cant wait to pass my test and have a go. How do you find it to drive? is it much different to the car you learned in, assuming the instructor would have had something a lot newer,
  2. I am very close to purchasing a 2003 1.4 VVT-I T3 Corolla with 66,000 miles for my first ever car at 17. My brother had the 2005 1.6 VVT-I T3 and he experienced a lot of engine problems and i've heard a lot of bad engine failures with the VVT-I engines along with a lot of fantastic reviews. I would just like to get peoples opinions on the VVT-I engines and their personal experiences with their corolla and if they have had any issues.