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  1. hey dude! Sorry I didn't see your last message back last month, I haven't been on for a while. I find the 1.4 VVT-I brilliant! Such a comfy car to drive, sound system is pretty decent and fuel consumption is good, as long as you don't race everywhere! For a 1.4, they do the job when you want it done. Stupidly, I've got 118Mph but at a push going down a slight decline but apart from that the Corolla was definitely a brilliant buy! Ive not heard of any issues on these but one thing i will say is don't push them too much. I was having a bad night and decided to rag the **** out of mine and I came to a stop in a safe place, then all of a sudden the power steering just failed on me with the light coming on the dash. turned the car off and on again and it was fine, so it could have been down to me being a **** or could be a possible fault with the power steering which is a bit doubtful. besides that, i hope you did buy the corolla you found cause they're a brilliant first car! even though they suit more for the elder market, its still a good practical car. plus, insurance is better than some of the **** heaps i was planning on getting! If i were to pay for the insurance outright for my corolla, it would be £1745 with Aviva... cheaper than a corsa or fiesta!
  2. Hey guys! thought I'd take the time to show an appearance on here as a new member! I've only recently passed my test and bought myself a 1.4 T3 2003! besides the paint work being a bit on the poop side for its age, (And for being Red!) it's a gorgeous motor to drive with only having 57K on the clock! Now being young, I won't be leaving the poor thing standard; Already changed the stereo, fitted wind deflectors... I KNOW, just tiny baby changes but I will be doing some more mods within the next week or so. But till then, thank you all for having me and I hope to get to know some of you and gain some more information for modifications.