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  1. Hi guys, new to the forum so just thought I'd check in. Just bought a 2006 T Sport Compressor, which I have lots of plans for. Had a Celica VVTL-I 190 before that. Great engines. Anybody else on here own a Compressor? Would love to learn more about them. Also interested in meets if you arrange anything like that. I'm located in Southampton, Hampshire. Anyway, pleased to be here and look forward to talking Corolla's!
  2. Ok, managed to find the right oil to use: Klubersynth GH 6-80 Now will look for somewhere to order it from. There is a UK based company offering 'equivalent or better' alternatives to Klubersynth. I'll see if they've got what I need and post up.
  3. Hi guys, new to the forum. Just purchased a 2006 Corolla Compressor which I'm very happy with initially. I know it's been asked before..but which oil grade is used to go in the supercharger? And where is the most cost effective place to find it? Can't seem to find that information. Thanks, Andy