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  1. 280 bhp bloody hell!! Now that's got to be super quick in such a small car!
  2. I'd have done in my pants honestly if it were me lol
  3. Welcome Ryan! Nice looking cars!! T-Sport looks tidy and I really like that little Starlet. Is that a 4efte you've got in there? Have you had the chance to get it dynoed? As for your questions, I'm sure others will be of better help as I don't live in the UK. If you're planning on going aftermarket with the headunit though you'll need to get a frame and a fascia. I think there are adapters that will let you keep the steering wheel controls but don't quote me on that. Hopefully others will be able to confirm.
  4. How real men do it? Nerve wrecking stuff though.
  5. Not a CTS but rather its american cousin the Corolla XRS with the 2zz engine. Nice to see it's more than holding its own against a more modern sports car.
  6. I'm not sure whether you've got reading comprehension problems or not mate. Anyways, I'm not going to continue discussing this with you as it's pointless.
  7. Of course you'd say that when you did not come up with a single factual argument. I presented you with simple and plain facts that are there for everyone to see and all you did was play that broken record of yours over and over again. It's fine mate, go out, enjoy your day, have a beer and celebrate.
  8. Who said anything about the Comp being slower than the CTS? I used you own words saying it's s***e, at least be consistent. The 3SGTE/4EFTE/2JZGTE part was to say that they had the experience to make a proper FI engine. The Comp is not a proper factory FI engine no matter how you insist it is. It's still a supercharger bolted on an otherwise stock engine that was not designed for boost from the factory. End of. I've seen all the demos of FI GT86. So what? Did you even read what I said mate? I said yes it's boost friendly, doesn't mean it was conceived with boost in mind and it's not a blanked off oil port that's gonna make your point. You're clutching at straws again, the car's been engineered as a N/A engine for crying out loud, that's a simple and plain fact. If you don't understand what I just wrote then it's pointless to discuss this further. Anyways I'm tired of discussing with you mate. You're cherry picking a few points that've been addressed time and again in previous posts while conveniently ignoring the rest, only to repeat the same thing over and over.
  9. We all agree on this one fellas. And yes Steven we agree, they could have made such a better job it's baffling why they didn't when clearly they had the ressources and the experience. This is what I'm trying to convey through the OP! I - as a car enthusiast - wants Toyota to be great again, and I - as a customer - am afraid they're losing the plot as an automaker.
  10. But that's exactly my point mate! They stopped manufacturing performance oriented cars altogether right around the time they became number one. All I'm saying is because everybody's been up and about trying to improve their brand image, it's quite possible - in my humble opinion - that Toyota could be caught short as the global car market catches up. These days, Toyota no longer has as a strong lead with regards to reliability as before, and the car market will eventually catch up with that. Anyways, I think we'll have to agree to disagree mate, but for me, brand image is everything in modern day car marketing. You only have to look at how Mazda slowly built their brand up over the last 10 years to become the leader in customer satisfaction in many countries nowadays - at the expense of marques like Toyota, mind you. In the meantime, their performance division, Mazdaspeed, came up with some epic cars which I reckon everyone on here knows. Then you also have the example of the Korean twins, which 15 years ago were considered the epitome of flimsiness but nowadays, your Mrs Jones will see the Rafael Nadal ads and the 7 years manufacturer warranty on a Kia or a Hyundai and jump on the bandwagon. I'll stop with the examples as I could go on for days, but let me just add this last one: the Lexus LFA, Lexus's very own supercar. This is the most epic Lexus ever, yet this car actually costs more to build than it retails for. In other words, Lexus is losing money for every one they build. They knew that, yet they went ahead and gifted the world this epic car. So why did they manufacture such a car when it clearly didn't make any financial sense I hear you ask? Because of brand image that's why. With the LFA, Lexus was playing in Ferrari's and McLaren's backyard. Could it be a sustainable niche market for Lexus? Certainly not. But what it did for them is that it helped them promote their brand (and test innovations). But you said yourself that the Comp was s***e. They'd have done a much better job of it if they truly intended to make a proper FI engine, and they clearly had the experience with the 4agze, the 4efte, the 3sgte, or the 2jzgte. What they did was they bolted a supercharger with moderate boost and no IC on an otherwise stock engine. Not a properly engineered FI engine in my book, sorry mate, but I think you'll agree as I'm under the impression that most Comp owners - especially you - seem to be disappointed by the performance. And keep in mind the 2zz, in stock or comp form, was an engine that was developed in the late 90's when high reving engines were still the name of the business. Engine technology has come a long way since then and those modern high CR turbocharged engine you're talking about use pieces of technology that were not available at the time the 2zz was developed. But yes you're right in saying that it's the way forward now that they've come up with all those awesome pieces of technology. And 10:1 is still lower than 11.5:1 not matter how you look at it There's really nothing I'd like to see more than a factory boosted GT86 mate, believe you me!!! The whole point of the OP was basically to say: "Hey Toyota, listen to your fans and your customers. We want more power, we've been saying that all along. It would make the car absolutely epic, please listen to us!!" I've been following the GT86/BRZ scene for a long time mate and there's no clear indication Toyobaru will ever come up with a factory boosted GT86/BRZ. There've been rumours yes, but they're that, just rumours. As for factory FI vs aftermarket FI, we'll have to agree to disagree again. The oldest GT86s are barely 3 years old now. Even if the engine is good enough for moderate boost, which it is, it doesn't mean, in my opinion, that it was engineered with boost in mind. And let's not forget about the drivetrain, the gearbox, etc.
  11. It's not pink tinted glasses I have on mate but it doesn't take a marketing genius to figure those things out. Can't be arse to discuss this further with you either as you clearly don't understand a thing when it comes to modern day car marketing. The world does not end at your borders I hope you do realize that. Supercharging a high CR engine was an half arsed attempt at cutting cost 10 years ago, not the way forward. Clearly if they wanted to make a F/I engine they would have changed the CR and internals before it left the factory! It's not like they didn't when they made the 4agze, 4efte and 3sgte before that which ALL have some kind of N/A direct counterparts. If you think the FA20 was conceived with boost in mind then why didn't it come with forged internals from the factory? If it did then yes, it'll be clear to me that they didn't factory turbocharge it for financial or whatever reasons. Otherwise that's just clutching at straws and hoping for the best. A boost-friendly engine is absolutely different than an engine/drivetrain/transmission that's been engineered from the factory to be reliable with boost for all the duration of its life, simple as.
  12. They bolted a supercharger on an otherwise stock 2zz for a very limited run. That's hardly a definition for mass produced F/I engine from the factory now is it? I like how you conveniently left out the part where I talk about what the exec from Dodge said the Hellcat did for the brand. Yes brand perception is important. And yes, all those performance divisions I mentioned make those marques appear more exciting to the eyes of the general public even if sales of performance vehicles only represent a very small fraction of total sales. Otherwise none of them would build hot hatches and performance cars no more would they? I won't argue about Mrs Jones, bless her, whoever she is, because that is most probably true. Normal people care about MPG and reliability? Toyota is not even number 1 anymore as far as reliability is concerned (excluding Lexus) and they certainly don't get the best MPG. Heck, Mazda ranks higher as far as reliability is concerned in many markets and, the Skyactive engine lineup is proven to give superb real life MPG, AND they are perceived as a more exciting, fun and innovating brand. But you're fooling yourself if you think brand perception is not important. Toyota itself built its brand around a few epic cars back in the 70s and developed a reputation for making really well made, very capable and very reliable cars. To this day, they still enjoy some of that aura and that's how they sell so much because let's face it, after becoming number 1 in the world, they left the risky innovations (small displacement turbo, direct injection, etc.) to other brands and preferred to multiply cross-plaftorm partnerships with other brands to further reduce risks and costs. How long is that going to last? This is actually funny. Yes the FA20, just like the 2zz, appears to be boost friendly in spite of the high compression ratio. Still doesn't mean it was conceived with boost in mind, because it wasn't! They've only been around for a few years so it's impossible to predict how long-term reliability is affected. But me personally, I'd take a car that was engineered to take boost from the factory any day of the week and enjoy a full manufacturer's warranty, especially if I were to buy a brand new car. As above, BUT FOR HOW LONG?
  13. That's true, they could have done a much better job with the 2zz and sometimes I catch myself wondering why they didn't go the extra mile and make it a 2.0 or a f/i engine from the factory. It would have been truly epic that way. But as above, the CTS is still a damn good car for what it is, if you're prepared to accept its shortcomings and not consider it a pure hot hatch. As I explained in my OP, yes performance cars are not where the money is at and it seldom makes any financial sense to pour enormous amounts of money into the necessary R&D to develop them. But they help tremendously with brand perception and Toyota could definitely do with some of that right now. I've read an interview with one of the top exec from Dodge where he said, of course the development of the Hellcat engine barely made financial sense, and of course Hellcat sales are absolutely insignificant, but it was all worth it in the end because of the image it gave Dodge and how it boosted their sales all accross the lineup. So that's what I'm talking about here. Brand perception and recognition. The same goes for Honda, Renault, Ford, Mazda, Nissan with the epic GTR, etc. with their respective performance divisions. As for the GT86, yes when it came out it definitely execeeded all their sales forecasts. But other makes have upped their game and it now lives in the shadow of more affordable cars that are as much fun and that perform better. Sales figures for the GT86/BRZ/FRS have dipped considerably for a good while now. The MX5, with a less powerful engine, is quicker and more enjoyable to drive, and the Fiesta ST is often picked as a better proposition in reviews, thanks to their tuning potential and a large aftermarket offering, just to name a few. And yes the GT86 is tuning-friendly and the aftermaket scene developed quite rapidly, but at the end of the day it's a N/A car made for N/A reliability. So if you're going to spend $5,000+ on a F/I kit after investing south of $30,000 in a new car because it should've come like that from the factory, I wouldn't necessarily call that very smart.
  14. Same here Craig. The CTS is not aimed at people looking for a proper hot hatch. But if you're looking for a comfortable, well-made, well-specced, reliable, low running cost car with a sporty character then it's a really decent car. I love mine and I'm not ragging the tits off it everyday. Still gives me heaps of fun when I need it and a big smile on my face everyday. So in this regard, I'd say it's a lot for the money I've paid for it.
  15. I can see where you're coming from Adam, and to be honest most car enthusiasts would probably fancy owning and daily-driving a classic driver's car like you. I couldn't afford a brand new sports car myself but that's what the used market is for. In a few years time all those turbo hot hatches will become affordable and quite frankly I wouldn't mind owning one. It would even be better if it were a Toyota. Truth be told all those brands I've mentionned in my OP are much more exciting than Toyota these days and there lies my gripe.