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  1. Is there a lot of us going to jae Newark??would be cool to have a mini meet there.
  2. Hey folks, I live Grimsby (Lincolnshire) an wanted to no if any u are from around here. Don't see many rollers round here. Well just mine really, would be nice to meet up with a few others.
  5. How do I use this photo bucket. Lol I have no clue how to find a link so I can paste it on here. Lol
  6. It's got 12 months mot. Just had service with new cam seal and belt. Pads all round. Spent a bit on her but she's not a cts. Lol
  7. Yeah will send u some. How do I do it on here? Or is the club on Facebook?
  8. At the mo I'm in a Mazda 6 ts diesel at the mo. I've done the family car thing for a bit but want a bit of driving fun now. The Mazda is mint but ppl don't want to swop a cts for one. And trade in price on mine is 1-1.5 k. So kind of stuck. There is a 05 with 77k for 2250 but it's a private seller and don't have the funds to buy outright. Is that a fare price for her? Full service with it to.?
  9. And yeah it's got to be a t sport lol
  10. Ok thanks guys. There's not much for sale at the mo. I can't do private sale as I'm use img my old car as a deposit. The age is not a problem at all but don't really want a high mileage one as plan to keep her for a while. I'm up the road from cadwell park and not to far from blyton. So will be doing track days ect. I've had a Honda b4 for a while and it was a really gud car. But wasn't a type r, I went for a drive in a cts the other day as one for sale near me(shed) lol and as soon as i hit the "lift" I wanted one. As I'm a male I need one soon as. Lol but like I said I need to find one in a garage. Thanx once again
  11. Hi guys and gurls. im looking at buying a 52 plate with 66k on the clock. its up for 3k,as new to the corolla any pointers to look out for ect would be really helpfull. thanks