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  1. We'll be there in the Mazda so give us a shout if anybody see's us
  2. did we make any progress on this guys? be nice to have a mini meet soon
  3. That's just not fair lol! I wanna move to Norfolk now!
  4. Looks good dude!!!
  5. few shots of the drifting from boobies and some random photos
  6. Hi guys, I know its a sore subject with Japfest screwing the club over really but I thought some of you might like to see a few photos from our track time and club stand with Club323F. On track - Becca did a fantastic job with the camera i think you'll agree End of the day we decided to line up nicely and take some nice photos Here's my track time video, couldn't be bothered to cut it down with fancy bits and pieces but ah well http://youtube.com/rVcD2mPN3N0
  7. That's the one
  8. It sounded alright back on stand :/ Hope its alright!
  9. Hey mate, Have pm'd you but no just says not read? Cheers
  10. Think I saw this too, was next to us on stand
  11. No idea fella, I ordered red
  12. thanks Jackoo! much appreciated fella!
  13. I pm'd him about the club stickers he sent me, I ordered x3 ccuk stickers and I've got yarisuk ones just want to swap them for the right ones
  14. Damnit! I hate facebook with a passion lol!
  15. I don't jackoo