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  1. some great spots! i dont really see anyting that interesting regularly- although there is a local guy into his cortinas (rover v8 mk2 + other models) and a yank car guy who i mainly see in his plum crazy challenger, only see it once in a blue moon though i felt sorry for that tope gear stratos mess Gav do you have a soop then? if so whats the story? richard that's a beautiful driveway! jealous of them all (don't know what the one on the right is though, thought it was a '58 chevy at first but think i'm wrong)
  2. they're a very good car in my limited experience, its just if any of the complex suspension starts failing / siezing it can monitary wise write an NA off! still liking my 'rolla, got 42mpg on tank 1, now i'm getting a bit more used to it just under 40 at the mo. tell you what though- i really dont know why i go to the effort and expense of finding really clean examples. already have a bit of paint exchange on a rub strip, small dent in the rear arch behind that and a car door end shaped curve dent in the otherside rear quarter
  3. welcome, from a fellow ex celica owner i've only got a povo spec 'rolla, and its a lot better than i expected- i imagine a T sport would be a brilliant motor to own. i don't think you'll be disappointed maybe we should start a celica-club retirement forum on here
  4. they aren't much money to buy these days chap, it would cost a fair few quid more to run than even a T sport I imagine though. not much in it "real world" performance wise I imagine too.......
  5. LOL i take a lot of stick for that as i'm not (and probably never will be) a horsepower man. They are very cheap these days. heres a pic from today if you're interested, after a wipe down and checkover ready for an event tomorrow . again i know this wont be everyone's cup of tea.........
  6. That's ok pal, i understand my 'rolla isn't the most exciting vehicle yeah that's my toy, its only an NA though.
  7. finally took a couple, apologies for the dirt garaging time today wasn't on the corolla: I'm after a tartan rug and a pipe holder if anyone has one spare
  8. nice! and welcome
  9. welcome, i'm new here too. sounds like a nice car, looking forward to the pics
  10. lovely things- i've always promised myself i'll have an AE10 or maybe AE11 levin / trueno one day. infact reading this isn't helping my urge! makes total sense the k20 from your reasoning. i wouldn't do it myself, but totally get why you did it- and its always nice to ruffle feathers nice to see it being used properly too, good work
  11. Cheers people i liked the idea of those zetec s's, never test drove one though. i'll admit deep down i really wanted an ST but the mpg put me off a bit. well that, and the fact i knew i'd want to "play" with it and prob end up destroying the IB5 'box I've had a good lurk on here since my first post when i've had time, very good site you all have here- i've come across some great info- well done i think i'll be staying after a week and a half with my 'rolla i can safely say that it has surpassed expectations. great build quality, really comfortable and the handling is far better than i expected! its a little lethargic in a straight line (despite making a lovely noise 5Krpm+) and i haven't been able to get a massive mpg from it, so maybe the t sport would have actually been a better buy for me- but this car is just for daily use, so i suppose every £ saved helps PS i'll make an effort to get a pic soon LOL but its nothing like any of the nice ones on this site.
  12. cheers for the welcomes folks the only loose link for the 160 name is the 1.6 engine......... bit of a lame title if you ask me, the amount of people who asked if it was 160 brake was rediculous. The best thing about that car was its stealth capabilities, it just looked like any other 1.2 sport, so had a lot of fun with that so it was a fun car, but had a couple of glitches (never broke down though) and the more i read about them it put me off having one long term. So when i decided to change i realised i could do with some loadspace this year, and have no money to trade up, and being a toyota man I naturally went for a 'rolla adam - funnily enough on purchase of the micra I was weighing up mk1 yaris T sports and mk5 fiesta zetec S.........
  13. Hello all! I'm brand new here, picked up my first corolla last week and someone from another club pointed me in this direction My corolla is a basic one its for my daily drive to replace the tempremental K12 micra 160SR i had for 6 months! The car has so far surprised me how good it is to drive- it will be on probation in the coming months, but if its good to me it might be treated to a few bits and bobs in the future- that's my problem with toyotas, every time I've had one I just can't leave them alone! No pics yet but there really isn't much to see- just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, to prepare everyone ready for a few stupid questions in the coming weeks Peace Dan Q