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  1. I could drink that til the cows come home...prefer it with cola tho.
  2. Happy Christmas everyone, take it easy on the mince pies.
  3. Problem is the imported stuff from chinas not exactly known for being accurate shall we say when it comes to rated capacities, often theyre exagerrated. Like anything else buy the best you can afford preferably with a good brand name to give some peace of mind and some leverage in the event of problems...see what I did there?
  4. Thanks J-Corolla. Yeah I seem to remember the incident vaguely and you only have to hit youtube and see what kinds of actions ( peaceful my hairy azz!) theyre into. ramming ships, cutting fishermens legally placed nets, putting their ship between two ships and then crying that theyre the victims of being squeezed. They make me sick, which is why I hope their nasty little terror cell currently doing some bird in Murmansk gets them what they deserve. Go You Russians! Ps, you could start a petition in your country.
  5. It dont get much bigger than the biggest scam in history that theyre partly responsible for us paying for. Junkscience dressed up as proof of global warming, pal review of scientific papers replacing peer review, closing down of counter arguments (otherwise known as sceptical dissent) and a myriad of other things theyre involved in. Pensioners dying in their thousands each year due to the cold because energy bills are so high,(cos its soooo globally warm outside ya know) the prices artificially jacked up to pay for windmills that have to have electricity pumped back into them in winter to warm them, and locked down when the wrong kind of wind comes along so they produce squat, its a sick joke and it dont get no sicker than telling kids theyll die if their parents dont stop driving a car, trying to use fear as a tool to change policy. Make no mistake, greenpeace are very very dangerous people, theyre far removed from what was originally envisioned by their founder. In my opinion, theyre comprised of anarchists, liars and bullies trying to destroy western economies for the sake of some green wet dream, a golden age of Gaia that never bloody existed and couldnt. Humans are the dominant species on this planet, its our duty to survive using whatever means nature gives us, including our born instincts, but the likes of greenpeace think we should all exist in mudhuts, freezing our sacks off in winter and living on leaves, theres nothing immoral about trying to survive, they want the majority of the worlds population to die. Greenpeace, yeah definitely terrorists.
  6. The governments E petition site have approved my petition calling for Greenpeace to be declared terrorists and outlawed. If you agree, could you everso kindly sign it and pass it on? Thank you! http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/56453
  7. Thats absolutely hilarious.
  8. WPMOT? Nothing. Had a good day, everything went right, got plenty done. WMPOY? (yesterday). Mr T trying it on for 130 quid for a corolla air feed pipe. A bit of rubber pipe about a foot long and the greedy tossers wanted One Hundred and THIRTY english poonds plus value added theft naturally! WMMLY? What made me laugh yesterday. Mr T asking 130 quid and then pricing himself out the market. when i got a pipe for a tenner.
  9. I had another look today but all i could see was uranus.
  10. Taken by my brother with a home built 8 inch reflector telescope set on minimum magnification to eliminate shake and tracked with a polar mount that has some sort of connection to the late great Patrick Moore apparently. Cant wait to see a full mag image once he's got it set up. The forum wont allow it at full size but the amount of detail on this when opened in an image editor is pretty amazing. See, tis made of cheese.
  11. My personal position is that youd have to be a bit arrogant and centrist to think theres only us out here, its when you take a look at the clear night sky and count (or try) the stars and then you have a look with a pair of binos and suddenly theres so many maore. When you think that each one of those points of light represents stars, planets and entire galaxies ( you can see Andromeda with binos) and consider all its stars and systems that must exist, its just mindblowing, theres no way only we could exist. Whether or not anyones dropped by here though isnt so clear cut,we just dont know and the powers that be wouldnt ever tell us anyway for one good reason- Everyone would see that theyre no longer top of the chain so why would anyone take any notice of them ever again? You only have to remember that back in 2004 a 300m sized asteroid on a collision course hit the planet and they said nothing, no alerts they just let it slam into us without a word. It blew up in the atmosphere over africa someplace but the beeb and sky didnt tell you or me. If that had come in over england theyd have been playing bag and tag because thats the contingency plan. If aliens suddenly flopped out of warp and rocked on up at the local park i dont think many people would be worried, itd probably be all a bit "meh", in other words, we can handle the reality, the powers that be are the problem, they cant, its a threat to their position of power. Anyways, gotta go, just a had a knock on the door from a guy calling himself Tommy Lee...
  12. Only the second one I can say ive seen for any period of time Reidy. Theres probably thousands of these kinds of things going over every day and you just dont see them. There was a bloody big boeing going over the other day making a hell of a racket but the sun and haze meant you just couldnt spot it and theyre pretty damn big so if you cant see something that size then something smaller making no noise is probably going to be missed unless like this one its all lit up. Was out running the one night doing some cross country over the fields, the moon was out and it was pretty clear,I'd just got around this long bend and off to the left this faint orange light shot out the ground vertically about a couple of hundred yards away and was gone. It was so fast your eye couldnt keep up and all i could see what the afterimage as it went, scared the heck outa me, but literally is the fastest thing I ever saw, if I'd blinked I'd never have seen it. Odd stuff and I have no explanations, but I'm not going to shout "little green mens" unless I get a glowing finger shoved up the botty by em.
  13. I Noticed this thing overhead dont know what it could be but it was rotating and slowly moving. Apologies for the camera its an old sony thats not got very good resolution, need a better one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=h88zlxmjXyQ
  14. It was. Necessity being the mother of invention as I couldnt get the thing done in a reasonable timeframe for a reasonable cost elsewhere. Clamp was a monster, if I'd tightened it to its max it would have crushed the piece so although it looks pretty sketchy it wasnt really going to go anywhere and didnt. Besides its only me that was going to get a whacking off of it.
  15. If you think thats got an element of ze old danger to it, try this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EzuTE1MYmyU