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  1. Thanks for posting your feedback, glad you like the product! We post worldwide, just select your address during the checkout process! You need to view your cart, and add the code to the Coupon Code box.
  2. Hello Guys We still have a lot of these in stock, this simple kit reduces gear travel by over 50% - it's a complete night and day difference!
  3. Hi Craig, The part is a little awkward to fit, but once you've located the right place, it is around a 5 minute installation. Fitting instructions are included, as well as replacement retaining clips. The postage is £2.50 to mainland UK.
  4. Sorry about this Craig, we've tested it again and it now works. Regards
  5. Hi Craig Try again, it should work.
  6. Hi Dave, These things take time. During that time the prototype has been tested, adjustments made, and parts produced. The part is now available on our website: http://hyper-sport.co.uk/store/Transmission/short-shifter-kits/toyota-short-shifter-hs0002 Use discount code "CCUKSS" to reduce the price to £35 plus postage.
  7. There's still some adjustments to be made, and it will be tested before it's finalised, we just wanted to gain interest really. It simply changes the pivot point on the gear linkage, the travel is the same at the gearbox end, but is stepped down at the gear lever end, giving you half the travel (about an inch between 1st and 2nd, for example).
  8. Hey Guys I'm currently nearing the end of developing a short shifter kit for the Corolla, with a twist. It's actually a specific adapter which fits to the gear linkage in the engine bay, reducing the travel between gears around 50%, rather than just shortening the stick. Once development is complete these will retail at around £35 posted. Is anybody interested? They will be fully compatible with other shifter kits or harder bushes.
  9. Hi Everyone, We're currently building our "Car Builder". It allows you to choose your car, colour and then test wheel fitment. It's not been tested on mobile yet, however try it on a PC/Laptop and have a look. Only a few cars on there at the moment but we're adding them slowly! http://hyper-sport.c...formation_id=10
  10. Hello everyone, We're in the process of designing a small range of alloy wheels, and thought we'd get some feedback on the first design. What do you think? Pictured is a 16x8 ET0 but we could offer different diameters, offsets and widths. What do you think?
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