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  1. Welcome How did you manage to get it for £290?
  2. Welcome
  3. Welcome
  4. Welcome mate
  5. Welcome
  6. Yeah he took it all down a few years ago, he might still have all the info saved offline if you PM him and ask nicely although hes not been on here in a while
  7. Welcome Any pics?
  8. We need a Subaru section!
  9. Welcome
  10. Agreed but not the kind Rashed likes to post
  11. H&R 45mm springs and a rear anti roll bar
  12. If the compressor was turbocharged they would be a serious cult car
  13. I think another section would be messy tbh, I have no objection to anyone posting non corolla projects in the Members Projects/Gallery section however
  14. The Corolla has really short gears, one of the things I really loved about the car as it gave it quite a sporty feel
  15. It's a well built car with the excitement of lift. Handling and steering aren't great but its not really a hot hatch. MPG is ok but if you use lit a lot it you will pay for it at the pumps. It's naturally aspirated and quite a small displacement so torque is low but it is what it is.