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  1. Welcome! Nice to see another e11 owner. Get some pics up so we can all admire it
  2. BC RA will fit your e11 have a look on their website or message gt4play on here, he supplies coilovers
  3. Alan, the holder is broken. The release mechanism isn't pushing the auction cup out, sounds like somethings snapped inside
  4. I'm not entirely sure, they don't look like it to me
  5. Thanks got a g6r splitter to put on when the weather improves and I'm waiting for my wheels to come back from the painter tomorrow
  6. Here In the owners projects bit
  7. Ooh nice!! Take a look at my build thread, I'm making my e11 gls liftback a G6 replica
  8. Welcome always good to see another e11. Got any photos?
  9. welcome always good to see another e11
  10. Try figuring out how they manage to steal just one centre cap that cannot be removed from the front and has to have the wheel removed to take it out....
  11. Standard feature on tom tom. Mine turns red around the speed if you go over but it's not made an annoying bing. Could probably turn it on in the settings
  12. The binging drove me mad when I borrowed her Satnav literally if you do 31 in a 30 it will bing
  13. I've got a tom tom and it's pretty good. The only issue I've ever had with it is the suction mount cannot stay on the windscreen especially if you've got the aircon set to blow on the windscreen,or it will just randomly fall off even if the blowers are off. I've had a replacement one sent out by Tom Tom but has exactly the same issue. The Satnav itself is great, it does get a few free updates but for some maps you do have to pay. My sister has a Garmin and that is great too but a little bit of a faff it's not as straight forward to use as the tom tom and if you stray even a mile over the speed limit it starts binging at you which can't be turned off. Hope that helps
  14. 99p at sainsburys. Brimmed mine after I finished work...not going to last very long though
  15. Sound like a bunch of wimps. The garage near me still used an oxy torch to get my lambda out the exhaust when I'd got a massive overfuelling issue and had petrol sat in the exhaust.