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  1. Hey guys - been away for 8 months or so, Ive constantly been getting 502 Bad Gateway on some of the sections of the forum.. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Im sure there is a "What you did to your car today" or something like that thread somewhere? Am I A: Imagining things B: Being a blind tw*t Cheers!
  3. From the album Day one

  4. Here she is! Uploaded with
  5. what a noob, tried to do it on my phone and didn't work ha. Turns out the files to big anyway will get it resized lol
  6. So here she is lads!
  7. Just an update guys, Test drove the CTS today and I literally could not fault it! Immaculate condition throughout and more service history than you could shake a stick at. Love the full leather interior too and all of the little extras! I think this goes without saying for you guys but jesus.. THE LIFT! Literally felt like I should be searching for a turbo under the bonnet lol! So its safe to say im picking up the keys tomorrow! Cheers for all the help!
  8. Cheers guys! Ive been after one for some time, just trying to make sure I get a good one! First on the list after purchasing is definitely getting it lowered mind, they are high!
  9. Evening guys, Test driving a 2002 Corolla T Sport tomorrow afternoon (I know ive joined the forum premature but im almost certain ill buy it) The car has had one lady owner from new, full Toyota service history, 51000 miles. Is there anything I need to look out for when test driving? What should I test etc? All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Steve.