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  1. Looking good mate
  2. Yes still around mate but probably not for long as changing the rolla.
  3. Welcome to the club. Looks a tidy Corolla you got there.
  4. Welcome to the club
  5. Would be good to meet up sometime but bit busy at the mo due to getting married at end of the month.
  6. Yes still around mate. just haven'tbeen able to veiw posts for a while. Tech isuses.
  7. Went past a red old T sport at Clackett Lane services yesterday at midday. You were pulling into the services as we went past in the works van. Looked really clean and tidy.
  8. Welcome to the club mate
  9. Welcome to the club. There is an ICE section for any questions about head units.
  10. Welcome to the club and good luck in your search.
  11. welcome and totally agree with Old Red on this one.
  12. Welcome to the club. Hope the T sport is all good and look forward to pics of both.
  13. Spotted this morning on M20 overtook me in the firm's truck and then turned off at junction 8 towards Maidstone east at 08.40. GV53 looking very clean and standard.
  14. Looking good mate
  15. Dp.