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  1. 129-130.9 Nearest superfuel for me is 8-10miles away and im going to be running both my cars on it soon :'(
  2. Don't use copper slip or other petroleum based grease on the slider pins. Get some silicone grease. My starlets rear calipers used to seize up all the time and it was caused by the rubbers absorbing non silicone based grease and then binding up on the pins.
  3. Plus shipping import fees. Will be closer to £700 with all the extras. Sometimes you get lucky and they post them out with a cheap marked price but if they get damaged it can screw things up. There's a few other companies that act as the middle men to save you a lot of hassle and they just add a little on top
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. Aye the corolla is a 1.4 with a full sr kit in and out. Picked all of it up for £80 incl headlight covers and strut brace. Wheels are starlet Sr speedlines. Done me well had it nearly 5 years put 40k on it of abuse but now the gearbox it making some horrible noises! The starlets my ongoing project had it 7 years and is now running a 182hp 4age 20v. Still doing more to it but as and when. Currently got to get it mot'd but i'm in no rush as I have the corolla for a run about Once it's mot'd the truenos 20v and box might be going in the e11
  5. afternoon, just a quick intro im paul from norfolk, and these are/were my cars, unfortunately the i stacked the trueno so now im back down to the corolla and starlet again. I've met A couple of members on here so hope you're all as down to earth as the guys i've already met Ill be sure to start a build thread for both sooner or later