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  1. Could be the switch on the stalk playing up, or have you swapped/checked that?
  2. I'll be the only one to "Welcome you to Corolla Club" WELCOME
  3. Generally, first £11k is tax free, tax is at 20%, NI is 6%, (Pension contributions needs to be about 10%) So, £18500 is the after Tax-Free allowance, so that's £11k + £23125 = £34125 NI is about another 6% on that, so about £36172 Gross So just under £700 gross per week. Sounds good, but it may well be you have to work a night shift, or weekends, so you need to be asking the employer these sort of questions. Not a car based forum.
  4. I used to post up a fair amount. But it seems much of the content now happens on Facebook, therefore killing off the parent forum. I'm not on Facebook.
  5. Nothing wrong with the well pulled off sleeper route, it's getting the balance between what you need to handle the power and the stock look.
  6. So will it be a stock looking sleeper?
  7. Hi Welcome. All depends on what's wrong with it. Sometimes a good wash, polish and wax makes a car look more loved.
  8. Hi Welcome along. Some guys on here know their stuff, so any questions ask away.
  9. Maybe Steven can help you. http://www.corollaclubuk.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9619-breaking-corolla-compressor/
  10. How can they have removed the buckle? You have to be carefull incase (possibly) the middle buckle is a different size to the outside buckles.
  11. You could always stick it on Ebay, breaking for spares. Plenty of pics will stir up interest. Stick your mobile number on there and you never know, someone might text you with a request.
  12. Hi, Welcome.
  13. Welcome, so did it turn out to be as good as you expected?
  14. Hi Welcome. Above all enjoy the ride back home. Have RAC/AA cover just in case.
  15. Corolla is on about 164k, new engine at 55k though. RAV4 is 102k, just had 2nd cambelt change and a new water pump. AVON Celica not sure 68k I think. Camry V6 78k It seems no one on here has a reallly high mileage Corolla, you need to be using them more