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  1. Ah, nearly The grill is SR style though and it's 5 door in the Thunder Grey that the face lifts came with face lift side skirts and has the tinted rear windows you'd expect in an SR? The PFL Thunder Grey was lighter(?) Difficult though as so much could be modded.
  2. OK, bit of an odd "spotted".... Spotted a Thunder Grey Corolla SR outside Smethwick train station at the start of Channel 4's 'Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb'. TV fame for one SR! - 51 seconds in.
  3. I'm in a taxi now... You were just ahead. Personalised plate ending NTE. Sawn another one last night too, but from a distance, near Lothian Road.
  4. 1 x Alsace Grey SR, 06 plate. 1 x Steel Silver - 'standard' (sorry, not sure of exact model) - personalised plate Parked in the same road, practically opposite each other, near Catford in South London. Both looked nice....and a lot cleaner that mine right now! (I was parked on the next street along visiting a friend).
  5. You passed me while I was at lights in a queue, so not sure if you saw my TS. Sounded good.
  6. First was parked up in central Oxford a couple of cars down from my CTS. Was in the really nice blue the SR's were available in. Second at the Milton interchange in Thunder Grey, think I was seen too. As usual.... Anyone? :-)
  7. Thunder grey 05 plate FL T Sport seen this evening at Tesco in Didcot. Anyone?
  8. Spotted a silver Corolla T Sport Compressor today - I was walking no lights to flash and let's face it, waving wasn't really an option (without looking insane). Was in Didcot, Oxfordshire at lunch time. Looked like a standard Compressor, 56 plate.
  9. I was headed the other way, so I doubt you saw me. Anyone?
  10. Dude....would have been nice to have been credited, or at least acknowledged as this looks largely like a copy and paste job from my post over on TOC here. Glad it's of some use though.
  11. On the A169 I think. Passed you going the other way....anyone?
  12. I was pretty sure that had to result in some spotted success! I was headed up north for the weekend - you helped my drive up become slightly more entertaining! Also spotted another today on the way home, but don't think they saw me.
  13. Nice - how did they compare for you, any clear favourite? I went out in the Lamborghini Gallardo. I had a previous driving experience last month at HeyFord Park (north Oxfordshire) for the Ferrari 360 with, have to say I prefered that car, but liked the track at Kenilworth more.
  14. Cool, finally some spotted success! I was also on my way to Pro Drive, but not in the CTS. What did you go out in?