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  1. Picked up my next car today, 2006 1.8 Civic EX
  2. Yeah the yaris hybrid R actually is a showcase for the Toyota 1.6 direct injection turbo global race engine (GRE). So more than likely this will be in a version of the R1A yaris for the WRC.
  3. Starlet SR? Yaris TSport?
  4. Ricc wanted to try yaris space savers on the back wheels at one point.
  5. You can only get the veloster if its the turbo.
  6. Spotted about 5.30pm tonight in Staines, thunder grey pre facelift, NVT reg., tte front grille, tte backbox.
  7. Only useful thing on the TRD is the suspension upgrades, If it has all of the extra parts TRD do on it. otherwise buy the standard one and spend the extra wacking a supercharger on it (HKS kit looks good)
  8. Aren't these films slowly turning into MadMax? Tina Turner will be in the next one.
  9. Sorry couldn't see that last post, I've ignored it.
  10. 1. JsmithTCT-S 2. Oosh 3. Ub3R 4. ae111sr - John (I've paid ) 5. neilislay 6. Justin
  11. I was 1st on stand, no queue, 7.30am yo!
  12. Of course, YCUK already have 12 cars listed. If we get enough cars we may even need our own stand!
  13. I got made redundant in may, went self employed for a bit, then got a new job in November. Best bit of advice I can suggest is if you can, take your time and plan the change well. And finally enjoy the time off! Won't ever get the chance again!
  14. Happy New Year to all members!
  15. Hi guys, if you could all take a few seconds to vote here: http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/12/featurethis_award For the TRAX AE86! This belongs to long serving member and all round decent guy Chaydon Ford, who has always made people feel welcome at meets and really deserves to win this with his corolla. Thanks, Justin.