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  1. Hi guys, should get a chance to add details this afternoon. Our website is in development so unavailable as yet. You can also find us on Facebook
  2. Hitman absolution and assassins creed 3 are the main ones at the minuite for at me can't stop playing them lol
  3. Private plates are allowed in northern Ireland, am thinking on getting one
  4. Nice helps me to can sort mine out later cheers
  5. Hi mate, yea I seen you good to see another one from NI to as haven't seen many. Will have to get a t-sport meet if there's anymore
  6. Had it on a short drive and so far I love it such a change from a starlet lol
  7. thanks guys. picked this baby up today.
  8. Am tempted to get to, but online is crazy hard
  9. Thanks guys I don't have many options here so will most likely be a fl, going to see one Saturday hopefully. Just so I know, its a 04 fl with 60,000 miles he has it up for £3400 is this decent or not ? =/ Fairy cakes yayyyy
  10. The starlet ? White starlet, red rotas and few handling and trd parts tread for a t-sport none existant someone find me one in northern Ireland haha.
  11. welcome mate, does everyone who owns starlets move to t-sports am still to get one and flog my n/a lol
  12. cheers guys
  13. that's it there, the guy wasn't answering his phone today so god knows if its still for sale. you would of thought a sales ad would of benefited from more photos as well.
  14. that's good to know thanks am hoping the one I seen is still about by next Saturday by the time I get a chance to get down to it.
  15. Hey guys, I am currently on the hunt for a corolla t-sport, but there is nothing in Northern Ireland :/ a quick question would be what year does the facelift t-sport start as being a noob i don't really notice the differences, only one for sale her at the moment is a 04 plate which i assumed is facelift ? Andy