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OPIE OILS is the UK's largest independent online retailer of Performance Oils and Fluids. We sell the most comprehensive range of quality and specialist oils for Cars and Bikes anywhere in Europe.


We sell 10 brands of oils and fluids including Castrol, Mobil, Shell, Fuchs, Silkolene, Motul, Millers, Redline, Amsoil and Gulf.


We sell oils for all makes of cars and bikes, from the most extreme modern super cars and bikes to vintage cars and bikes. You'll find oils for all applications from mineral monogrades to super high tech racing synthetics. We stock engine oils, gear oils, differential and axle oils, brake fluids, power steering fluid, coolant and workshop products. All in all, there's more than 400 car and bike oils and fluids available to buy here!


Opie Oils also sells performance Spark Plugs from Denso and NGK. Oil, Air, Cabin and Fuel Filters from UFI, Mahle and K&N. Cleaning and detailing products from Dodo Juice, Meguiars and Muc-Off. Wiper blades from TRICO.


If you need an oil and filter Service Pack for your car or bike, look no further as we have more than 100,000 of them with further oil recommendations all via our car and bike recommendations look-ups.


Unmatched Expertise, unrivalled Choice and great Value for money are what makes Opie Oils the market leader.




Come to Opie Oils for unrivalled professional advice and support. In today's market there's a bewildering choice of oils available. At Opie Oils we have the knowledge to advise and recommend the correct oil for you. Whatever vehicle you drive or bike you ride - standard or modified - Opie can help.




Being the UK's largest independent online supplier, with a range in excess of 400 oils and fluids, we can supply the correct specification lubricant or fluid for all applications from across the 10 major oil brands we stock.




Our prices are keen, we are affiliated with over 700 clubs & forums with whom we work and make regular online special offers. All in all… great value for money! Seen something cheaper elsewhere? Give us a call and we'll beat it!


Opie Oils - for Home Servicing


We can advise you on the right oils and fluids to use - even if your vehicle has been modified - for delivery throughout the UK to your home or workplace. We also stock filters, spark plugs, wiper blades and more.


Opie Oils - to Save money on Garage Servicing


You may not know that you can take your own oils when getting your vehicle serviced, even if it's under warranty... you just need to make sure that you buy oils which meet the manufacturer's specifications. With a bewildering array of oils and fluids available it might not seem easy to choose the right one, but we're oil experts and are happy to advise.


Opie Oils - for Independent Garages


With different manufacturer oil specifications from BMW, VW, Renault, Mercedes and all the major vehicle manufacturers, plus ACEA specifications, fuel economy and catalyst compatible oils, the days of "one size fits all" engine oil are well and truly gone. In order to meet the demands of modern engines and avoid damage or premature wear, you need to make sure you're using the right oils and fluids. Call us for free recommendations on the right engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid or any other lubricant. Trade pricing available.


Opie Oils - for Competition and Track


You'll find one of the widest ranges of competition oils and fluids on our web site, for every form of motorsport. We're happy to advise on the best oils and fluids for competition use - just give us a call for unrivalled expertise and support.


Shop online or give us a call - 01209 215164