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  1. Im back from honeymoon now and have more time on my hands and money. But cant make 20th oct as im away on a stag do. Last dates of the year are 27th oct and 10th nov. Im gonna try make one of those dates.
  2. I Still love my car after 3 years and 8 months of ownership. Tbh my paint work is in tatters atm so the trade in/private sale value is below £1000 so im going to keep mine and run it until it dies :-)
  3. Cheers thats my car :-)
  4. Im getting my backbox replaced on saturday with a 4 inch slash cut tip on it cant wait.
  5. Ive started a topic in the meets section to arrange one.
  6. Has anyone got any specific dates in mind for a rwyb day? The dates are 19th may 2nd june 11th august 8th september Thats the dates i could find of their website but do they not open every other sunday? Lets get a date set and get some names down.
  7. Falkirk cruise 6th june, who wants to go? Lets get a good gathering. Stick your name down if your up for it. We can arrange meeting up nearer the time. 1. Matt 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. Nice one.
  9. Nah mate, me an davie are gonna hit some downhill trails on the bikes tomoz. Quite a few cars are going for clan japan tho.
  10. Nah mate first thursday of every month.
  11. No your not, decides to head down after work. I shall see you there. Ill prob be in the retail park cos by the time I get the the wheel car park will be packed
  12. Damn totally forgot its this thurs. Balls im working till 8 cany make it.
  13. I went up to banzai at crail 2 years ago an i only got 4 runs an gave up cos i couldnt be assed waiting in the que. It starts at 7pm at kfc in livi. Im going defo.
  14. Hmm maybe worth a punt if your going along mate. We defo need to do crail, if i get plenty of notice i should be able to go.
  15. Your looking around 4 -8 hours depending on garage.