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  1. Excellent news. Can never have too many freebies*! *When it doesn't cost the people giving them away £90000000
  2. Welcome along buddy
  3. Welcome to the club mate
  4. We used to have it like that many years ago, but with around only 5% of the members having those models the forums were filled with Tumbleweeds. Don't see why it couldn't be changed back.
  5. Welcome to the crazy house
  6. Did you get this resolved bud?
  7. At the end of the day, People have different opinions and people move on. I personally have no idea WTF went on, and to be fair it's not really any of my business, I just say let people do as they wish with their own free time. Hey look, I posted something...
  8. Hmmm. Think I need to stop coming to these. Not sure my ego can take any more abuse! ;( Let someone else get it for a whike! You'll all be glad to k ow I bought some Monster Munch on the way home. Nah, but I did buy some Bread and Coco Pops... thats my dinner rations 'til pay day! Nice to meet a new face and good to see some old ones. But only some.
  9. I can't even afford my Monster Munch! lol.. 3 Days 'til pay day!
  10. I can tag along in my Focus.
  11. Should now be active.
  12. Is he still having issues? What's his Username if so? Cheers
  13. Gaz Purposely never took a pic of the cars on the other side. The 'Outsiders' haha
  14. Agreed, Awesome job Stew has done, such a sleeper! I just love how it sounds like a stock CTS, or atleast one with just an intake. Hats off for the effort involved. Now you just need get that gearing sorted!
  15. Good to see you all tonight! Apparently. I like Wotsits.