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  1. Haven't used this forum in ages... is it still going strong or have most of the people migrated to Facebook? Anyway I'll try here first, here's my question... anyone got any views on Watford/Croxley Green Toyota? My car is due to get the Airbag replacement but not knowing this dealer I'm reluctant to put it in there through fear of them mistreating my car!!! I usually use Toyota Curry Motors in Isleworth but am occasionally working very close to the Toyota in Watford/Croxley Green so thought I might chuck it in there whilst I am at work.
  2. Created a Facebook page today, making it easier for those that aren't on Twitter to help raise a little awareness... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you thank you. It's certainly a great help and very generous of you all to make a donation, it was never my intention behind this post. Awareness is the key here. We honestly thought our daughter just had bad eyesight, but suspected something else was up and it wasn't until they did the MRI that it all hit home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Adam, you did well to find that out! That's extremely kind of you. Thank you. Need some people to get behind this so one day if they are around a child, either their own or a relative or friends, someone speaks up and acts accordingly - these things can so easily be missed by health visitors, doctors & opticians. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Some of you may remember me some may not and for those of you with children this will strike a chord no doubt. I've been a bit quiet on the Corolla front recently, my car is being used to ferry my daughter to and from hospital for her chemo - my car has a small oil leak that needs resolving but that's the furthest thing from my troubles at the moment. If you can spare a minute my fiancée and I are trying to raise a little awareness in to childhood brain tumours as our daughter has been recently diagnosed. You can see the story unfold on her Twitter feed @erstollery or her website The more people that follow the more people we might catch earlier and the less suffering they'll be. Thanks for your help in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Silver 5 door FL TSport, tinted windows - GP5* D*W - I can't make out the reg in the video? I didn't think they did a 5 door facelift TSport either! Caught you on dashcam, in my post HERE
  7. Saturday 5th July - number plate pretty much reads as "IDLE" I don't see many around these parts, either that or we don't cross paths!
  8. Jackoo I'm out... got to do a family thing on the coast. Will keep my eye out for the next one. Sorry all.
  9. No worries Jay and sorry to hear you've had bad news.
  10. Sorry to hear that Jay... it may well fall apart without your organisation! Hope everything is OK?
  11. I might put in an appearance!
  12. Wasn't me! I got stuck in Thames Ditton until the roads were opened after the various bicycle races.
  13. Parked up in a/your drive... GV03 OHU Hello!
  14. Haven't logged in for ages... sorry I missed this one!
  15. I'm leaving Wednesday, so up against time to get everything ready for car service... thanks for recommendation and offer I might ask the garage to get it depending on cost (mates rates hopefully) but good to know your recommendation. I guess I could do with getting decent Oil filter too??