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  1. take cat out, silencers, get stage 2 cams from Se7en Motorsport, K&N induction kit and you gain a bit of power, this cars have self learning ECU so they cannot be remapped really if you aint going to put a standalone ECU.
  2. I would always suggest to buy them new rather than used. try and discount code VIP60
  3. My brother had the same problem with his 59 plate Auris, we had to change both rear lights as somehow rain were leaking badly in, since we change it we had no more problems.
  4. on kodi try to install fusion
  5. You can go to the Trafford Centre if you never been before.
  6. Welcome
  7. Hello and welcome, depending how much you can spend, lowering springs, induction kit, exhaust system, alloys, and if you are looking to gain few bhp well stage 2 cams from Sev7n
  8. thanks
  9. Spotted a red corolla lpg at chadderton retail park near a627(m)
  10. Welcome
  11. Hi Guys i know it's not Halloween Related but this is the Recent photo i took of my rolla
  12. Welcome back!
  13. Spotted a black corolla t sport reg DE05DVA at RAF Waddington airshow
  14. Spotted a red corolla t sport FH05 on the M18 following a mazda.
  15. I Use Shell which gives me more mpg than any other places, i tried Shell Nitro and i ended up with more mpg and the engine respond better