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  1. I always give a thumbs up to any TS i see
  2. Tinted rears! very shiny!
  3. Sorry! would of come to this one but on holiday tommorow.
  4. Im in Heanor mate, just put Derby as more people heard of that bit.
  5. welcome mate, not 2 far from me
  6. Silver T sport 04 i think. Tinted rears and gold calipers. I gorped like a moron as i walked past, very clean! anybody on here?
  7. Just seen its Man Utd Chelsea Sunday at half 4! sorry ppl football = beer = no driving.
  8. Ikea at Giltbrook? which would be awesome for me
  9. probably be able 2 sort something for 10th yeah.
  10. 1. Wayne (lets_get_down6) 2. Ste (Cottam) Sunday 17th 3. Corollavvti - Rashed 4. Harwood - date and time dependant. 5. Ub3R - Any Sunday really - afternoon preferable 6. Korny - 17th/24th
  11. Sunday 17th March be good for me any time of day or Sunday 24th night like after half 6 ish.
  12. Sounds good 2 me, whenever really. Sundays suit.
  13. I'm in Ripley most of the time really but go 2 Tesco for my petrol.
  14. From Heanor pal, not far at all.
  15. welcome mate, not far from you in Heanor