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  1. Tell me about it. Mine just got delivered at work and it's huge and extremely heavy aswell - so either lots of great content inside ... or a brick!
  2. You mean in a private game? As there is no "offline" mode with D3. Did you get into the closed beta or have a chance to play during the weekend open beta a month ago?
  3. Just wanted to see if anyone is playing / planning to play D3 seeing as it was released today. I'm out in America but will be playing on the European servers, so useful for any of you out there with insomnia! Feel free to add me via the battletag system. Marc - eminy#1392
  4. I'm an Arsenal fan, but even so, I threw $200 at a Man U, Man C, Chelsea 1-2-3 finish at the start of the season. Looks like Arsenal will ruin my payday
  5. wet n dry + polish should get any haziness out. If you haven't ever heard of mightycarmods you should be ashamed of yourself, but once you get over the shame, check out this video....
  6. Are you sure it wasn't more down to the 15 beers you had to "wash down" the kebab
  7. so they shut one of the chippies down then as there used to be 2....
  8. I hate you all for organizing a meet when I don't live there anymore. Never tried that kebab place, but within 100 yards there are about 15 pizza shops a couple of chippies, plus several chinese and indian restaurants.... oh and a KFC too lol P.S. Please, please, please tell me you actually drove over to Uxbridge!
  9. I miss the days when we'd only have "3 active users in the last 24 hours" lol
  10. Welcome to the club mate. Can we please make this sentiment part of the T&C when signing up to the forum?
  11. I actually used to see one on Chorleywood Rd heading towards the M25 in the mornings when I was driving down to Ricky Station to goto work. I used to put a hand up to say hi, but never got a response from em :'(
  12. print up some ccuk business cards - you seem to see more CTS than anyone (gotta say I never knew Watford was such a goldmine for them. I only ever (figuratively) bumped into Gemma's CTS)
  13. Hey welcome to the club And yeah guys, one of the previous owners posted this on TOC a LONG time ago. I think it would have disappeared when they redid the forum and all the old threads got knocked out of the search, but I think it was a thread called "My Corolla on 19" alloys". Always admired that car so good to see it is still kicking around and looking good.
  14. +1 for the tiger seal
  15. I feel like cracking open a group hug!