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  1. Welcome. Love the BMW and Corolla
  2. Welcome
  3. Welcome. Don't come on here often now
  4. I wouldn't have it mega low. They need to strap down the car, don't forget
  5. Welcome
  6. Welcome back mate. Was many moons ago since we had our farnborough meet. If you remember that. Lol
  7. Mr p raves about the 500 abarth. He reckons it could keep with the cts up to a point
  8. Oh wow. Didn't know that. Iirc only me and Craigcts has one fitted
  9. Welcome Madagascar.....
  10. I personally don't like the brass bushes and the short shifter. Feels far too notchy as I prefer a little play in it. Personal preference and all that
  11. Welcome
  12. You have to upload them via photobucket
  13. Welcome
  14. Only realised it was today. Won't be able to go as I'm working anyway
  15. Not enough to sway me unfortunately lol. Not when it's a 3 hour all round trip