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  1. Blutto it's been a hectic 12 months or so. But want to get back into the swing of things a little bit now I'm getting more settled. There is a possibility that I might be in a punto rather than the celica. Depends if I get it back on the road in time or not
  2. i will be attending (shock horror) but as a spectator only
  3. After long consideration I have decided that I am no longer going to continue with running both YCUK and CCUK. This is for the same reason I have not been on the club much over the last few months and I have decided that I no longer want to carry on. I am currently in process of looking for someone to take over the clubs on a perminant bases which will involve general admin and upkeep of the club, organising events, show stands and the like. I will be paying for a further 2 years of hosting from the 18th of January. If you would be interested in taking over the running of the club, please drop me a PM Best Regards Chris
  4. yep perfect lol
  5. lol. good idea but im on holiday till the 15th oct can do it no prob one night after tho
  6. should be sorted now
  7. i have had a word with the suppliers and the manufacturers have just released the same clothing range in blue. Im just waiting on pics coming through then i will get some put up in the shop for u
  8. the compressor runs on 17s as standard and is lower as well with no scrubbing. i would recommend 17s tbh
  9. im deffo goin along mate
  10. yep thats the one mate
  11. ill be working through the orders tomorrow mate, so you should have it in a few days
  12. Key isn't goin but I'll be there about 7
  13. Ill try my best to get there for about then. Not sure if key is coming tho. He said he might wimp out cos of the weather lol
  14. hi mate welcome to the club
  15. 1. Sunburst 2ZZ 2. IllGryphon (providing its the 14th of course, which it should be as that is the second monday of june) 3. Blutto 4.kerby 5.