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  3. I've added the car to Gumtree, so we'll see how we go! Ad is here:
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  5. Hi. I have purchased a 2001 Toyota corolla saloon and I have been trying to find out what roof bars I need so I can use a roof box buy I can't find anything in the Web. Can anyone please let me know what roof bars I need to get? Thank you
  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can find documents for the TTE compressor kit? Need it for registration of a stock T-sport fitted with the TTE kit
  7. Hi, I see that the compressor model is listed with larger front brakes, 328mm vs 275 on the stock T-sports Where can I get parts for these brakes, and what is needed to convert a stock T-sport?
  8. Hi everyone, newbie here - hope you can help. I want to list my Toyota Corolla VVTI GS for sale. It was registered in 2000 and I've driven it since 2007, clocking up 162,000 miles. It's only had two owners, drives like a dream and steadfastly refuses to die - it's bulletproof! But after 12 years, I've decided to treat myself to a new motor and sell my old boy. Both the tax and MoT have expired, but I don't think it would take much to get it through a test - maybe a tyre or two and definitely some new windscreen wipers. It's mechanically sound, starts first time every time and is a joy to drive. It has a few bumps and scrapes, as you'd expect from a car its age, but nothing too major. Thing is, I have absolutely no idea what it's worth or where to list it for sale - so I wondered if you might be able to help. I know I won't make a fortune, but it would be nice to sell it to someone who would continue to drive it, as it's nowhere near ready for the scrapyard yet! Thanks in advance, Andie
  9. Brand New Corolla, May 24th 2019. Denim Blue, Excel 2.0 Hybrid, JBL system, Panoramic Roof.
  10. Looking for a driver side door and glass if anyone has one for 1989 Corolla gl 3door hatchback
  11. take cat out, silencers, get stage 2 cams from Se7en Motorsport, K&N induction kit and you gain a bit of power, this cars have self learning ECU so they cannot be remapped really if you aint going to put a standalone ECU.
  12. I would always suggest to buy them new rather than used. try and discount code VIP60
  13. Hello have recently got myself a t sport . Im needing rear brake calipers , can anyone give me advice on reliable places please
  14. Toyota Corolla AE92 Wagon Duck Tail Making
  15. I have acquired my grans 1992 auto 1.3GLI. I am wondering how difficult to convert it to a 5 speed manual or maybe a 4 speed auto? It's a lovely low mileage garaged car in original condition but not exactly economical or quick. Any advice?
  16. Toyota Corolla AE101 Wagon Lips Making
  17. Hope it's okay to share this here (if not, please can an admin PM me!) - if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask! >>>> Toyota GB is teaming up with the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) to host an exclusive Toyota event in parallel with VSCC’s annual Pomeroy Trophy - known affectionately as ‘The Pom’. It’ll take place at Silverstone on Saturday 16th February 2019, and we’d like you to bring your Toyota along. Full details of the event can be found at the Toyota blog: The only entry requirement is that all cars are road-legal, but after that cars of all ages and types can take part in a series of autotest-style challenges that will be assessed by the same judges officiating at The Pom itself. Entry costs just £30 and can be submitted via the VSCC website, and proceeds will go to Toyota’s chosen charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. ENTRY FORM (PDF):
  18. Sorry guys and girls I know this has probably been covered again and again, but I'm looking to straight pipe the corolla t sport decat and straight all the way back, has anyone done this and noticed any power losses or eml lights etc?
  19. just joined up have a 1.4 vvti corolla 3door it had a tte front grille and tte spoiler when i got it, done some small bits since gave her a much needed compound and polish had to sand down the funky headlights, got a set of rota circuit 8's, jdm rear light conversion, fitted all new osram nightbreaker laser bulbs up front and tinted the fog lights yellow, gave it a full service and new clutch,front pads, new throttle cable, and new second hand throttle body, fitted a touchscreen radio, i have dye there i will be doing the headliner and abc pillars in black, tinted the back side windows havent got around to the boot glass yet, removed the badges from the back and front wings, removed the rear boot lock because my key didnt work in it anyway and fitted a reverse camera
  20. Hi all, No Idea who is still here from when the club was started by Kerby, or indeed if Kerby is still here. I used to have a Phase 1 1.0l Yaris with a full Booster Tuning Bodykit, then we got a Compressor, after that came another Yaris for the wife and a MR2 Roadster for me (which soon got a turbo conversion), that was waaaaay back in 2005. I still have the roadster and my wife has yet another Yaris. My son has just bought a 2004 Corolla T Sport, but the vsc, trc and eml are on, I know it's a common issue so signed up to find out more about it. The car runs as sweet as you like and pulls like a train, just hoping it's an easy fix. Time to search for answers, any links to threads would save hours lol
  21. Hi I just bought a Toyota Corolla 1.8 t sport 190bhp I really love it but want to add abit more power to it. Has anyone cut the cat out has this done any good sound and power wise. What mods can I do to it to add more power. Am a mechanic my self but don't no alot about this car can someone help please with some ideas and where I can get some performance parts thanks 😁
  22. E12CTS is my plate mate and yes It's cool😎 I take it that explains the hip check on it lol
  23. Just got my hands on a 1 owner 79k 2004 corrola 1.8vvtl-i in silver really happy with it needs a few bits doing brakes ECT any links to a maintaince manual anywhere any advice would be great. Also I've been reading rhat you can have the ecu mapped so the lift comes in earlier any info on this. Cheers Buster
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  25. Hi everyone. I was looking for private plates for a Corolla Compressor/T-Sport, and I found that someone has E12 CTS on their 2005 T Sport. Anyone know who this is? I can imagine that it's rather cool!! Thanks, Jak.
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