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    Does anyone know what size aftermarket air filter I will need to put on a standard tsport?
  5. Hi all, my names sam, looking for a t sport as baby is on the way and need a 5 dr something according to her! Havent got a corolla yet but have got a 91 Honda crx and a 1972 mini. Did all the work on those two myself and need a new family friendly project! Struggled to find anything interesting to buy and then stumbled on the 5 dr sr and really like the looks, but want something a bit quicker than the sr. And want to stay Japanese, so Corollas the only option by the looks of thing! Posted a thread in the bodywork forum please reply! Cheers!
  6. Hi my name is Anthony and I've just joined the club and have a problem with my e11 corolla. It's a 2001 corolla originally 4zz just changed to 1zz. It's reading incomplete catalyst and 02 sensor but there is no code showing I have replaced both the sensor and the cat as it did have a code for 02 sensor. Is there anything else that could cause this? The car is also producing black smoke and using lots of fuel.
  7. Hey guys Just bought a y reg e11 1.4 vvti as a runaround, just joined to ask a few questions like what wheel sizes are people running, what boss kits do I need to fit an aftermarket wheel and has anyone tried the cheap £250-350 Coilovers off ebay. I presume there is a specific section for modifications and such like Cheers guys Liam
  8. Hello all. Im new here too and wondering if I can have some help regarding my car? I have a corolla compressor and need to know how to top up the oil in the compressor part.
  9. Hi, I have just acquired a Toyota Corolla GL from a family member that sadly passed away. It is a 1 owner car with only 37,000 miles and has been garaged always. Not a clue about these cars but would anyone know what sort of price I could get for it? Seen one on eBay for £8,995 with 50,000 miles, is that a dreamer or is that what they're going for? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Darren
  10. Sounds like you have the facelift leathers Red stitching and half leather, blue centre?
  11. You have to looking to spend some decent money and get the newer common rail engine if you want newer audi. The 1.9 engine is the best as i have had a few. Very reliable, mine are both still going strong, 260k and 115k. If you do want the 1.9 diesel engine then i suggest get one that had had NO LONGLIFE SERVICING. This caused huge problems. Look for Genuine quantum platnum oil for services. Maybe a vw 2005-2009 polo 1.9 sport or ibiza fr?? Both the same car really.
  12. Hi guys and gals. I've got a corolla t sport with leather interior. Strange thing is it's soo different to any others I've seen. It also has the t sport logo stitched into the seats. Wondered if anyone knew the options that they came with out of the factory. I'll upload a picture once I workout how to reduce the file size for the piccy.
  13. Place in County Durham did the work on it, Called WoodSports
  14. Mate did you get your problem fixed? Nice comp BTW! I think you have posted this in the wrong section also hence no reply. I would check the piping route from air box to intake manifold for loose hoses or vacuum leaks. Does it feel like its also lost power?
  15. Looks nice mate did you do the swap?
  16. Looks well nice....
  17. Just signed up got a 2002 T-Sport with a 3S-GTE engine in it
  18. Hello, I will try the Royal Purple Oil for the2zzge:
  19. Hello members, My name is Kenny and I've purchased a 2002 Corolla T Sport in red. It's mechanically very sound then only thing really letting it down is the lacquer peel on the roof and a couple of other places (typical red). I will make a post in the right category but it seems my alarm has an issue it keeps going off randomly. It's been good this week but this morning it's clear and sunny and maybe it's the warm weather setting the alarm off ? I've had the car around a month and the alarm only went off a few times, but today it's gone off six times and the people in the street have had enough already ! Apart from that I really like the car the engine is very nice indeed.
  20. Hi everyone my rare 1999 Corolla estate has just been written off as some woman drove into the side when it was parked. Need some help on a true valuation for this car. Cant find any for sale on the car sites. What is she really worth and where would i find another.
  21. Alright guys just joined up! Bought my first T sport last year now have 2. Worked my way up from the early corolla gt and gti's. Going to do my lift bolts this weekend.
  22. Hi all i have a 2006 corolla compressor and recently changed the exhaust gasket as it was rattling but now i have a hissing noise from underneath when i accelerate past 5,000 rpm and once vvti kicks in it hisses even more, cam anyone help im not sure if it supposed to sound kike this or if theres a leak somewhere. Please help any advice is much appreciated thanks. Si.
  23. Which mr2 and trueno do you have? Welcome
  24. Hi all, new to the Corolla Club and the road. My first car a pride of joy is my 2006 Corolla T3 Colour Collection, purchased off my elderly uncle. She's just passed 10,000 miles after being stored in my uncle's garage for 2 years, and drives like an absolute treat. Could not have asked for a better motor for my first car, and am so thankful of my uncle for passing this beauty on to me. Working at Halfords, I couldn't resist getting my own private reg done too (I'm a student pilot and really big on planes, so the 'C17' represents the Boeing C17 Globemaster, and the 'KTR' is my initials). Gave her a good treat yesterday, gosh do I love the alloys! ~ Keiran
  25. I notice the date on this topic but I have a cOrolla T-Sport for sale just now - gumtree ad can be viewed here with my contact details -
  26. Hi Folks Im new on here. Didn't even realise that there was such a forum until I joined the FB page. Im a Toyota head, I preach Toyota to everyone and have a hatred for Audis. I have a few Toyotas at the moment (Mr2's, trueno, verso, yaris) and I try to to buy anything that isn't a Toyota/Lexus. Peace and love to you all.... Hopefully see some of you around
  27. Anyone any imformation on swapping a 4zz to 2zz have the conversion done mechanically but need help with wiring. All help would be greatly appreciated
  28. Looking good mate
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