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  2. Hi everyone. I was looking for private plates for a Corolla Compressor/T-Sport, and I found that someone has E12 CTS on their 2005 T Sport. Anyone know who this is? I can imagine that it's rather cool!! Thanks, Jak.
  3. Hi. I was at Snetterton Race Circuit last week watching the BTCC test day, and I noticed a grey facelift T Sport was parked along the main stretch over the bridge. It had a TRD badge on the grill and a private plate which I cannot remember. It looked standard other than that; Looked very nice indeed. Anyone on here? Jak.
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  5. hey dude! Sorry I didn't see your last message back last month, I haven't been on for a while. I find the 1.4 VVT-I brilliant! Such a comfy car to drive, sound system is pretty decent and fuel consumption is good, as long as you don't race everywhere! For a 1.4, they do the job when you want it done. Stupidly, I've got 118Mph but at a push going down a slight decline but apart from that the Corolla was definitely a brilliant buy! Ive not heard of any issues on these but one thing i will say is don't push them too much. I was having a bad night and decided to rag the **** out of mine and I came to a stop in a safe place, then all of a sudden the power steering just failed on me with the light coming on the dash. turned the car off and on again and it was fine, so it could have been down to me being a **** or could be a possible fault with the power steering which is a bit doubtful. besides that, i hope you did buy the corolla you found cause they're a brilliant first car! even though they suit more for the elder market, its still a good practical car. plus, insurance is better than some of the **** heaps i was planning on getting! If i were to pay for the insurance outright for my corolla, it would be £1745 with Aviva... cheaper than a corsa or fiesta!
  6. hi just bought a tsport and Im loving it just few little bits I need help with first one is the windscreen wipers don't reset they stop where they want lol second thing is the clutch is high but does feel slippy and I drove it hard and it feels fine so wondering can you adjust pedal ? third thing is after the hard drive it was slightly hot but soon cooled down I was parked on a hill and checked coolant and need abit ! other than that I love it lol best thing I have ever bought !
  8. I'm very close to purchasing the same model, grey with 66k Cant wait to pass my test and have a go. How do you find it to drive? is it much different to the car you learned in, assuming the instructor would have had something a lot newer,
  9. I am very close to purchasing a 2003 1.4 VVT-I T3 Corolla with 66,000 miles for my first ever car at 17. My brother had the 2005 1.6 VVT-I T3 and he experienced a lot of engine problems and i've heard a lot of bad engine failures with the VVT-I engines along with a lot of fantastic reviews. I would just like to get peoples opinions on the VVT-I engines and their personal experiences with their corolla and if they have had any issues.
  10. Hey guys! thought I'd take the time to show an appearance on here as a new member! I've only recently passed my test and bought myself a 1.4 T3 2003! besides the paint work being a bit on the poop side for its age, (And for being Red!) it's a gorgeous motor to drive with only having 57K on the clock! Now being young, I won't be leaving the poor thing standard; Already changed the stereo, fitted wind deflectors... I KNOW, just tiny baby changes but I will be doing some more mods within the next week or so. But till then, thank you all for having me and I hope to get to know some of you and gain some more information for modifications.
  11. Welcome You should come on, a french forum where are some TS owners
  12. Hi guys, new to the forum so just thought I'd check in. Just bought a 2006 T Sport Compressor, which I have lots of plans for. Had a Celica VVTL-I 190 before that. Great engines. Anybody else on here own a Compressor? Would love to learn more about them. Also interested in meets if you arrange anything like that. I'm located in Southampton, Hampshire. Anyway, pleased to be here and look forward to talking Corolla's!
  13. Ok, managed to find the right oil to use: Klubersynth GH 6-80 Now will look for somewhere to order it from. There is a UK based company offering 'equivalent or better' alternatives to Klubersynth. I'll see if they've got what I need and post up.
  14. Hi guys, new to the forum. Just purchased a 2006 Corolla Compressor which I'm very happy with initially. I know it's been asked before..but which oil grade is used to go in the supercharger? And where is the most cost effective place to find it? Can't seem to find that information. Thanks, Andy
  15. Hi, French owner since 5 years of a 2003 Corolla T sport, registered here cause not much of ZZE123 owner here.
  16. Hi everyone, my name is Michal, Czech living in UK (Kidderminster) October 17 I decided to buy a 05 Corolla Tsport (instead of typeR 😅😇) and to be fair I’m really happy about that (always owned Hondas only) There is a couple of little problems I need your help with but first, let me check the topics. Somebody maybe know me from Facebook group. Luckily I’m not on Facebook anymore so after 10 thousands attempts to prove that I’m not a f#%*ing bot, I managed to create a profile here. My car is daily runner so no modifications been done to it but I’ll be probably looking for some in the future. 🙏🏻Mike
  17. Story peeps! Frend recommended for great craig , knolage and potential supply in everything corolla ,specially 2zz. My project car is 2zzge swapped small Toyota aygo. Car is running sweet for near year now and I’m tinkering with it. Irelad is very small in Tsport ‘s and Compressors ,hence my interest in other side of the pond looking forward to chats and meets. cheers Shem
  18. Haven't used this forum in ages... is it still going strong or have most of the people migrated to Facebook? Anyway I'll try here first, here's my question... anyone got any views on Watford/Croxley Green Toyota? My car is due to get the Airbag replacement but not knowing this dealer I'm reluctant to put it in there through fear of them mistreating my car!!! I usually use Toyota Curry Motors in Isleworth but am occasionally working very close to the Toyota in Watford/Croxley Green so thought I might chuck it in there whilst I am at work.
  19. Could be the switch on the stalk playing up, or have you swapped/checked that?
  20. I'll be the only one to "Welcome you to Corolla Club" WELCOME
  21. Hey all, im totally new to Toyota ownership and looking for a tidy Corolla T Sport as a new daily. I've just sold a lovely Phase 1 Clio 172 and also currently have my R reg 306 Gti-6 for sale in favour of something slightly newer and more motorway friendly. I've done some research, seems the T Sport won't offer the same handling or pace and my 172 but the reliability and the 'lift' are appealing. Especially at current price! Looking to pick one up in the next month or so The fleet, Clio just sold, 306 for sale too
  22. Generally, first £11k is tax free, tax is at 20%, NI is 6%, (Pension contributions needs to be about 10%) So, £18500 is the after Tax-Free allowance, so that's £11k + £23125 = £34125 NI is about another 6% on that, so about £36172 Gross So just under £700 gross per week. Sounds good, but it may well be you have to work a night shift, or weekends, so you need to be asking the employer these sort of questions. Not a car based forum.
  23. Hi! Recently bought a Corolla XSE, and loving it so far, so decided to join here! I'm looking around at applying to become a car mechanic around the London area, and can't find much about what kind of wage I would be expecting, was wondering if anyone here would have any better idea than I do. I've seen a posting with a wage of £29,500 after tax. Is this a decent wage, or should I look elsewhere? Hope someone can help soon. Thanks in advance!
  24. Japanese Performance are looking to shoot an AE86 for a feature in May or June this year. I am writing the feature. If you would like to be involved (the shoot will last around four hours) please email me at with brief details of your car Corolla Club UK will of course get an acknowledgement Many thanks
  25. Hi, I am doing the same kind of swap, unfortunately, I ended up having to rebuild the 2zz as the rod bearing decided to knock on me... Anyways, swapping the engine is basically straightforward, the hard part is the wiring removal from the dash (If I want the aircon and alarm too). Also, the ABS has to be transferred as the traction control is inside of it... When I get the engine back together I'll see what has to be done to the fuel pump, but probably the pump itself is same in both, only the regulator different. The best way is to get a cheap whole car and swap anything that's needed...
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  27. Hi, not sure if it has been done before but has anyone put a 1.8 T-sport Corolla engine (2ZZ-GE) into a 2004 Corolla 1.4 saloon? I know it is meant to be straight forward enough to swap the 1.8 into the hatchback 1.4's. If anyone has done this swap, is it straight forward? What exactly do you need to change? Engine, loom, mounts, fuel pump, ecu, shafts? Will all fit without modification?
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